Leila's POV

Hunter and I began walking around the school grounds. As we were walking from building to building Hunter was telling me a little background knowledge to why the buildings were called what they are. Every building or complex in the school was named after an important saint. Even the team houses had patron saints and the one for Eli (which was my team and Hunters) was some girl named Mary Ward. Anyway back to the tour. I was trying so hard to sound interested in what Hunter was saying but by what he said, it mustn't of worked. "You don't really care about any of this do you?" he asked. I tried to look stunned by what he said but decided not to. Better to come clean before digging myself in a very deep hole. "No, not really. Is all of that really important though. I don't see the need to know it." I replied catching up to where Hunter now stood, in the middle of a building called JPAC. "Well, not exactly, but it can be useful to know. Anyway I better take you to your first class, it's just this way." Hunter said ushering me to a large room of to the side of the school. It was like a secluded part of the school no one knew about as it was hidden behind large trees but a path swaying from side to side showed you the way to the room. "Wow this is amazing!" I said making it up to the steps leading to the door. "If you think this is good, then wait till you get inside." hunter replied taking my hand and leading me up the steps.

Hunter was right, this place was amazing! No, No, No, it's PARADISE! A whole huge room covered in people playing music and instruments covering every spare part of the room. Did I forget to mention it was air-conditioned! Apparently I am lucky enough to be supplied with air con in every class. Class finished at it was time for first break, so Hunter and I again walked down the windy path and headed towards our lockers. We reached them and out of nowhere a long-haired, blonde perky girl our age appeared in front of me. "Hi! You must be Leila, I'm Naomi, Hunter's girlfriend." She said encasing me in a hug. I slightly hugged her back cautious about what I was going to say next, didn't want to cause any trouble on my first day. "Uh yea, I'm Leila." I replied putting my remaining book in my locker that had been squished. "Uh babe great to see you but I can't stay, coach wants us on the oval asap so bye." Hunter said as he kissed her cheek and ran off to join some other boys headed out to the oval. I returned to getting my things out of my locker when I was forcefully turned around by Naomi. "I saw the way you were looking at him. He is mine, not yours. You're just a newbie who is getting shown around him so I'd be careful with what you do around him. I'll be watching." She said looking me in the eyes but suddenly I was pushed backwards and into my locker and had the door shut in front of me. "Oops. I'm really clumsy sometimes. Have fun in there!" I heard Naomi say from behind the door. Why is it that I have to be shoved into a locker on my first day?

A matter of seconds later I heard someone out the front of my locker. "Hey, are you alright. Naomi can be such a bitch sometimes! By the way, the name's Sky" I heard the girl say. "Uh hi, my name is Leila. Can you help me get out of here? It's extremely hot in here." I said with as much plead as I could put into my words. "Sure." I heard sky say, "Just pass me your key through the slits up the top of the locker." She instructed. I did as I was told and reached up to one of them and poked it out. Seconds later I heard the door open and pushed it bending over and gasping for a breath of nice air, not hot and stuffy air. "Thanks I said rolling up to look at a girl who had short black hair and glasses. "Wow, nice id picture, so much better than mine." She said handing me back my card. I may have been lucky to have been able to use my past picture from my old school. My long blonde hair tied back in 2 messy braids pinned back with my green eyes shining brightly. "Umm yeah. Hey I'm kinda new here as you can tell. Can I stick with you for a while?" I asked closing my locker. "Sure, I'll show you where I sit with my other friends." Sky replied leading the way to a small are hidden behind some buildings.

Sky lead me to a group of people sitting down on the green grass chatting to each other. "Guys, this is Leila. She's new around here and was looking for people to be around." Sky said making her way to an empty space, so I followed. "HI I'm Ciara, this is Mia, Lydia, Jackson, Jett and Reece." Ciara said who was sitting down beside me, pointing to each person as she said their name. Ciara, Mia and the boys had brunette hair but Lydia was like me and had blonde hair but a little darker. "HI, I'm Leila. What do you guys do around here?" I asked to clear the awkward air a little. "Well we normally just sit here and talk or muck around cause there is really not much more that you can do." Reece said. I nodded and started to feel more comfortable with everyone. Being new isn't that great because you start somewhere new not knowing anyone. I'm glad though that I've found friends so quickly. I just hope I stay who I am and not turn into someone I'm not.