Nurse L. Butcher and Doctor Anencephaly

Is he just another name in a file?
Just another case for you to sink
Your fangs into?
A living reference to be
Perused and examined at will
Because no books are good enough for
You and your crazed theories.
Prod him and poke him.
Nod your head and write your notes,
Grunt in approval.
Dig your nails into him
And scratch for all you're worth.
You'd cut him up and sew him back together again
- and again-
If you could get your bloodied hands on him.
"We couldn't get what we wanted, so we'll try again later."
You'd shine your light into his eyes at your leisure
Just because you can,
Stick out your chin, defiant,
And say it will "help you help him."
Then stand there and gawp as he screams.

Surely anyone with any intelligence at all
Would have expected that.
But no, not you,
Because any kind of reaction is fascinating.

"Fascinating", because of how rare "they" are, hmm?
He's not a "they", he's a he.
He's a person too.
And he's beautiful.