"It just happened, okay." I whispered. The blonde across from me was staring at me wide-eyed, her mouth agape. The piece of popcorn that was about to make its way to her mouth fell back into the bowl. I scrunched my nose in disgust.

I waited a few moments for her to answer. The room was filled with a long, awkward silence. My eyes scanned the green room, not really looking for anything, just trying to avoid eye contact.

And few more moments passed, and I started to get annoyed. Wow, the one time I actually wanted her to say something.

"Ash?" I questioned nervously. I hadn't really told this secret to anyone else. But I trusted Ashley. We had been best friends since the sixth grade. She was loud-mouthed and crazy and I don't know how we ever came to be best friends but we are. The fact that she had nothing to say about the bombshell I had just dropped on her was worrying.

She closed her mouth and opened it again, then closed it again.

"Uh. Wow." She finally stuttered after a minute, when she noticed how uncomfortable she was making me feel. I furrowed my brows.

"Wow?" I questioned. Was that all she could say? After I told her possibly one of my deepest and darkest secrets?

"No. It's just." She furrowed her brows as well, a sign that she was either frustrated or thinking. "I didn't expect you to be the first to lose her virginity. I mean-wow-you even beat me to it. And I-"

My eyes widened at her implications. She thought that I had done that?!

"We didn't-I didn't-no." I cut in, red-faced. Ashley looked at me with confused and questioning eyes. "I can't believe that you'd think I'd do that!"

"You said you slept with him, Sophie." She deadpanned.

"Yeah." I replied with an impossibly redder face. "I mean I did, but not sleep with him!"

"Unless..." She furrowed her dirty blonde brows again, looking off into space. I shifted in my seat, waiting for her to continue. All too suddenly, she thrust her index finger into the air, nearly making me fall off from my bed. "You literally slept with him!"

I flushed again. I glared as she began laughing uncontrollably on my floral green and blue comforter.

"It's not that funny." I scowled. She looked at me with an amused smirk after she had finished giggling and snorting. Good thing she only did that in front of me. It was hardly attractive.

"You are the only girl I know who would actually 'sleep' with a guy. Just, oh wow. Sophie." She began shaking her blonde head.

"Hey! At least I didn't actually sleep with him." I muttered."Besides, I was a bit too drunk to anyways." The memory of waking up to a boy, covered under linen sheets had almost caused me to pass out. When I peeked under to realize that both of our clothes were on, or at least most of them, I had breathed a big sigh of relief.

"I'm more surprised he didn't take advantage of you." She remarked.

That was true. How lucky was I that I didn't end up with some creep? I cringed at the thought of losing my virginity to some sick, perverted guy. After that night, I swore to myself that I would never drink at a party again. I was a lightweight after all. And that night was the first time I had actually drank something alcoholic. How was I supposed to know the punch was spiked?

I frowned as I repeated the last sentence inside my head. Well, I guess everyone but me probably knew that mostly every drink at a party filled with adolescents was most likely spiked.

"Was he cute though?" She asked, her brown eyes amused. I rolled my eyes. Of course she would ask me that.

I bit my lip, trying to recall his face. It was pale and had soft yet had angular shapes. Ebony, black hair framed his face. And the one thing that I could never forget were those icy, blue-grey eyes. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

I blushed as I remembered that awkward morning. He had explained what had happened after I just about had a panic attack. He had even offered to drive me home after the whole ordeal.

"Yes." I uttered more to myself.

"You're daydreaming, Sophie." She teased. I snapped out of the memory and scowled at her.

"Was not." I snapped. She giggled at my response.

"Uh-huh." Ashley retorted. I sighed.

He was cute. But I doubted I would ever see him again. Besides, I don't think I'd even want to after that mortifying experience. I mean, I woke up, hung over in some guys bedroom, finding out that he had to take care of me the whole night. We'll, that part was kinda sweet. But still. I remembered spilling my guts out to him about my recent break up and then trying seduce him. Ugh.

"Who knows, you might see him again. You know, like fate." She said the last part, waggling her eyebrows jokingly.

I rolled my eyes at her again. She knew I didn't believe in that. What had happened with Sean had only solidified my beliefs. There was no such thing.

"Whatever, let's just get back to watching this movie." I replied, wanting to forget the whole experience altogether.

"Fine." She agreed, turning back to the tv screen.

We were watching "The Notebook" again, for about the hundredth time. It was one of her favorite movies and she made me watch it with her nearly every sleepover that we had. Though, I didn't really mind because Ryan Gosling was in it.

But tonight, it only made me feel miserable. Because real love didn't exist like that. Guys were jerks who really only wanted one thing, which was someone or something to stick it into. Guys like Ryan Gosling were just modernized fairy-tales that were created to attract a larger female audience.

True love wasn't real.


I think that today was just not my day. After finding Sean and his new girlfriend making out at lunch, I mean who wouldn't lose their appetite, and forgetting about that huge french test that I forgot to study for, I just wanted to go home. But no. Because, today, I had also forgotten that I was supposed to have an early dinner with my mom's fiance and his son.

I was not excited. I had heard about them coming to see us, and honestly I was happy for my mom. She deserved a nice guy. But I was not happy about them moving into our house. I mean I was going to be a senior this year, so I only had to deal with it for about a year, but I still didn't like the thought of strangers living in my house.

I hadn't even met the guy my mom was getting married to. I think his name was Phil. Like Dr. Phil? My mind flashed with the image of the famous television psychiatrist kissing my mom. I quickly abandoned the strange thought.

And his son? I had heard that he was supposedly younger than me. I frowned. Great, now I had to babysit some eight year old on the weekends. Which was actually ok with me, since I had also sworn off going to parties for the year. I didn't want a repeat of that night. Though I still disliked the prospect of having to babysit when I could be hanging out with Ashley.

I parked outside of the restaurant, staring at the sign that said Olive Garden. I was suddenly reminded of their slogan,"When you're here,you're family." Oh, the irony.

A small frown made its way onto my face. Now that I was going to finally meet my future step-father and step-brother, feelings of anxiety were making itself known inside my stomach. I was a little scared about meeting them now. I mean, what if they didn't like me? Or I didn't like them? Despite my slight apprehension to sharing my living space with them, I still wanted this to work.

A rumble sounded from my stomach. Or maybe this sudden nervousness was just hunger I was feeling.

Either way, I guess I was just going to have to get this over with. I opened the car door, slamming it shut.

Pulling the handle to the restaurant door, I stepped in, feeling a breeze blow by me. The waiter that stood in front of the podium looked at me and smiled. The smile was warm and inviting, proper manners would have told me to smile back but I wasn't in the mood for such niceties.

"Good afternoon miss, how may I help you?" I stepped closer to the server, scanning the restaurant at the same time.

"I'm looking for the Anderson party." That was the last name of Mom's fiancé. When I had first heard it, I had grimaced. I couldn't imagine my name being changed to Sophie Anderson. I snapped out of the thoughts to watch the young woman scan the list of reservations.

"They are right over there." She finally said, and pointed to the direction of the table occupying my mom and a guy that I guessed was Phil.

I nodded in response. "Thank you." I looked over to see my mom, dressed in a nice pink blouse, and the man across from her chatting. He was pretty good looking. The man had curly dark hair and dimples. Good job, mom.

"Would you like me to lead you to them?" The young lady asked me.

"No, thanks. I can handle it." I replied, shaking my head. My feet dragged towards the table, when a sudden wave of nervousness hit me. Maybe I should just go to the bathroom real quick. Just to get myself together before meeting my future family members.

I didn't know why I was feeling nervous all of a sudden. I had heard about this guy that mom had been telling me about for months now. 'Oh, he treats me really well.' and 'His son is just the cutest thing.' I always smiled at how my mom became such a girl when she would talk about him. And deep down inside, I was excited to have a sibling. I had always been an only child.

I guess after it just being the two of us for over ten years, I was a little scared about the sudden change. Hence, the reason why I was power-walking to the restroom. Luckily it was right near the foyer.

I had shuffled so fast to the bathroom that I hadn't realized when someone was coming out of the narrow hallway. We slammed into each other, and I nearly tripped on my own two feet if a pair of strong arms didn't catch me just in time.

I settled into the hard, firm chest, in a somewhat awkward embrace. The man, I was sure it was a dude from the scent of his cologne, let go of me and steadied my shoulders.

"Sorry." I said. "I wasn't paying attention." I looked up at the guy, sheepishly.

I was met with a shocked expression, mirroring my own emotions.

Pale skin. Dark, raven locks.

And the bluest eyes I had ever seen.