The natural state of the world is


ever evolving, ever changing,

ever succeeding.

The young surpass the old just

as the dawn surpasses the night.

Revolution is not a dirty word,

and change is not the blare of

doom sounding from a thousand

anxious throats.

Stagnation is the result of sedation,

an invitation to be stationary.

No progress was ever made without


the city-state became the nation, as

the business became the corporation.

But just as it seems the banker is

in bed with the oil tanker,

the scene is set for all bets to be laid,

and all debts to be paid.

Revolution is the key to keeping

society proceeding forward, out

of the swamps of degeneration,

into the global nation, where it

doesn't matter where you come from

as long as you know where you

want to go.

Make no mistake, they will take

the rights from your hands, and you

will be left with the ashes as they

destroy your freedom of speech;

speechless the world ends.

The universe began with a Word,

as the catholic Corporation would have you

believe with every ounce of hope in

your straining heart.

Why should it not end in the absence of a Word?

When we cease talking to one another,

when we stop shouting defiance at the

glass ceilings,

when we stop whispering words of love

into the ears of our companions.

The natural state of the world is chaos,

and revolution is the ordered chaos;

the little death.

It is not the lesser evil, for no

blame can be laid at the feet of

natural forces.

We are animals no longer,

regardless of the meat that cases our


We have changed the world,

and for better or for worse,

we have the onus to ensure that

we keep it healthy.

Just like the regeneration of the body's cells,

we must renew ourselves to achieve


The only true crime is apathy;

the only true villain the indecisive.

¡Viva la Revolución!