I don't expect any of you to believe this hell sometime I don't believe it and I'm the one that summoned them well here my story but so you know everything I am telling you is pure true and it won't matter if you believe me or not because I will know the truth. I was young at least ten maybe eleven I don't remember much all I know is that I was into the dark arts and no I'm not talking about art I mean magic sorcery the whole power crazy harry potter thing well when I was on the internet well I was on this site that was all about spells and rituals well I'm not telling you so don't ask well I found this spell that said Summon you're Demon and Angel of the soul. Well I got curious about it and as I read it. The thing told me that this will let me create my angle and demon make them into physical being or there animal form at least but I never read the warning that once there summon they will fight for my soul for all eternity but I read it anyway it said Pizin Noco Iad.

I thought it was Latin so I said it and release my energy out of me which must have been a lot as I saw a powerful light when I woke up I saw them they were two wolves one that was as white as snow and clear eyes almost heavenly but the other it look pure evil its coat was as black as night and its eyes they were read it was as if I was looking it's the fire of hell for a minute it looked amazing but then they looked at each other and started to attack. I was glad my parent were asleep at the time but it didn't matter the wolves were making to much noise so I looked on there fast and found a way to put them back in my which invovlevd spilling a bit of my own blood and another spell but again I didn't bother to read its warning. God I am the biggest idiot I will ever know! I pricked my finger with a knife I had and said the spell I don't remember but I know this a flash hit me and they were gone but I could still fell them in me and as I looked more it said I had to stop them from fighting or they will do it in me till I was dead or one of them and whoever did I would go to them in the afterlife to ether heaven or hell. All because I wanted to do magic I am now in a eternal battle with the angle and the demon's of my very soul or as I call them the wolves of heaven or hell but now im eighteen the fight getting stronger and I don't know who winning but my anger and hatred are rising but so is my good all I know is the end is near for the battle so I come to warn you the magic is more strong and always read the warning they give you or you could end up like me.

Believe me, or don't it won't matter because I will always know the truth.