Chapter 1

New Year, new housemate and Nina is not in the school

Eddie's pov

Every one was arriving to the house Fabian came to open the door of the car expecting Nina to come out but instead I came out.

Eddie: hi buddy!

Fabian: hi…mmm where's Nina?

Eddie: I didn't saw her in the airport but perhaps she's coming later.

That wasn't true I knew why Nina wasn't coming back. She told me that she wanted to stay in America because she wanted to graduate there and to take care of his grandmother.

Fabian: oh well…do we enter?

Eddie: sure!

Patricia's pov

I was trying to see Eddie but with all my other housemates there it was impossible suddenly I saw him coming with Fabian and I run to him and hug him.

Eddie: hi Yacker!

Yacker that's how he calls me and I love it!

Patricia: hi slime ball!

And that's how I call him. Suddenly we were kissing

Alfie's pov

I was searching for my-now-official-girlfriend Amber Millington I saw a blonde hair girl and I run to her

Alfie: Amberella!

Amber: boo!

I saw her throwing his luggage and making a lot of noise running to hug me

Jerome: what do you have in that suitcase? Gold?

Amber: jaja no silly those are my shoes

Jerome: you laugh, that is to be silly?

Amber: I was sarcastically laughing so…yes you are silly

Everybody laugh

Eddie's pov

I was laughing of what Amber has just said when she asks:

Amber: hey! Where's Nina?

I was about to answer when Trudy came from the kitchen

Trudy: bad news! Nina is not coming back she is going to stay in America to take care of his grandmother

Joy: but is she coming back to graduate?

Trudy: no sweetie she is going to graduate in America but you can keep in contact with her by the cell phone so you not totally lose contact with her. But good news! You are going to have a new housemate! His name is Alma

Jerome: ohhh did you hear that Patricia? You are going to have a new victim to throw juice at!

Patricia: jaja*sarcastically*

Mara: Jerome!

Jerome: what!? She threw liquid at Nina, Amber and Eddie!

They all went to the common room

Alma's pov

I went through the door of the Anubis house my new boarding school

Alma: hello? Is anyone here?

Then a woman with black curly hair came to me and said

Trudy: oh hello! You must be the new student! I am Trudy your house mother

Alma: I'm Alma

Trudy: yes I know oh wait that I call the house caretaker, Victor! Victor!

Victor: I heard it the first time Trudy. What is it?

Trudy: the new student is here. Alma this is your house caretaker Victor

Victor: welcome to the Anubis house this is the oldest house in all the school now let me explain you the rules. The lights turns off at 22:00 o'clock Supper is at 20:00 o'clock and the cellar and the attic are extremely prohibited

Alma: thank you.

Victor: any question?

Alma: no thanks

Trudy: you are sharing room with Amber

Patricia's pov

We where all in the table when Trudy came with a girl approximately of 17

Trudy: this is your new housemate Alma. Amber she is sharing room with you

Amber didn't say anything obviously because that girl" Alma" is replacing Nina

Eddie's pov

That poor girl no one was talking to her and she was standing there like a statue

Eddie: you can sit here if you want

Alma: Thanks

She was coming when Patricia said

Patricia: no! Eddie why doesn't she sit in the end? That's were Nina sat and after al she is replacing her

Eddie: Patricia!

Patricia: what? She is replacing Nina Amber move!

Eddie: no! Amber stays there!

Amber: Patricia's right she IS replacing Nina. Sit here

Eddie: WHAT!? Fabian say something!

Fabian: why me?

Eddie: because…

Fabian: look Eddie that they are doing something to her doesn't mean that I have to interfere

Jerome: Eddie listen to Fabian

Eddie: what? I didn't think this of all you

Mara: Eddie, Joy, Alfie an me didn't said anything

Eddie: no, but you were thinking or am I wrong?

Joy: well…no but…

Eddie: there it is

The girl was crying and went out of the room running

Eddie: I don't know what happens to you guys, why are you so mean

Patricia: why do you defend her? We all know that you aren't happy that they are replacing Nina

Eddie: well no, but think of what Nina have done if she knew that there was going to be a new student

Fabian: she will laugh…?

Eddie: no

Jerome: she will throw juice to her?

Eddie: no that's Patricia

Patricia: hey!

Alfie: she will help her with the luggage…?

Eddie: WHAT? No! C'mon guys is very easy

Amber: she will be Polite and kind

Eddie: exactly, thanks Amber

Amber: you're welcome!

Eddie: if you feel respect for her you will do what she would have


Eddie: so? Show it

And I go to help the poor girl

Amber's pov

The table was silent because of what Eddie has just said

Joy: guys I think that Eddie's right

Mara: yes we should be polite with her is her first day and she is already crying

Fabian: guys we should apologize to her not now because it is 21:45 lets go to bed

Alfie: Amber she is your roommate you can apologize now

Amber: I will

The table was silent and Jerome broke the silence up

Jerome: what had I just heart? Amber Millington has said that she will apologize?

Amber: yes I will. Any problem?

Joy: who are you and what have you done with our amber?

Everyone laugh

Patricia's pov

Everybody was going to apologize including Jerome and including me

Patricia: I will apologize now

Amber: who are you and what have you done with the real Patricia?

Eddie's pov

Searching for Alma

Eddie: Alma? Where are you?


The sound came of the cellar and I went down there

Eddie: Alma where are you?

Alma: here

She was crying sitting down on the floor

Alma: what do you want?

Eddie: Alma I am not doing anything to you

Alma: really?

Eddie: yeah really

Alma: well you must be the kindest boy that I have met here

Eddie: jaja

Alma: I don't know what I have done to them they think that I am replacing that girl Nina

Eddie: yeah they said that because Nina is not coming back and we all were very good friends with her

Alma: oh I didn't know. Perhaps they all think I'm replacing her

Eddie: not me. I don't think you are replacing Nina

Alma: thank you

Eddie: you're welcome now let's get out of here

Alma: yeah let's go

Amber pov

I was in my room with Patricia waiting for Alma to come to apologize to her. Suddenly the door open and Alma came in

Amber: oh...

Alma: hi

Amber: oh we are so sorry…

Alma: Alma

Amber: we are so sorry Alma. Wow nice name

Alma: thanks

Patricia: I am sorry Alma I didn't' want to hurt you but it came out like that

Alma: its okay I know you were good friends with Nina

Amber: yeah but she is gone to America

Alma: I'm so sorry

Patricia: it doesn't matter but, could you blame us? Please?

Alma: yeah its al right

Amber and Patricia: thanks

Amber: the other ones are going to apologize tomorrow

Alma: it doesn't matter your apologizes are for me of all the house

Amber: wow how polite

And we kept talking all night

A ghost visits Eddie in his dreams

Voice: osirian

Eddie: who are you? What do you want?

Voice: I 'am Seth brother of Osiris

Eddie: Seth what do you want?

Seth: find the Ankh cross or pay with your life

Seth puts a hand up and touches Eddie

Eddie wakes up screaming

Eddie: Ahhhhhhh

Fabian: Eddie! What's wrong?

Eddie: nothing, bad dream

Fabian: okay…don't worry is just a dream

Fabian goes back to sleep

Eddie feels pain in the right arm puts the arm up and sees an eye in his shoulder

Seth: The mark of Horus I will be looking after you

End of chapter 1

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