You were like a father to me

I remember the first time you called me kiddo

You were so tall and strong

When I didn't have shoes you carried me backstage

You smelled of cigarettes and tobacco

When I told you I didn't know how to ride a bike

You taught me

That girlfriend was nice, and I couldn't wait for you to marry her

You promised me we would be biking the Padden trails in the summer

But then you proposed to her

You didn't message me anymore

I waited for you to audition or come to my shows

You didn't

I wasn't even invited to the wedding

You should I know I will never bear Cassidy any grudge

She doesn't deserve that

You always said I was the sister you wanted

I am still waiting to go biking with you

You are still a million miles away in my own town

I saw you as my older brother

You were the father I never had

So where are you now?