It's now or never again.

Viola P.O.V

I sit in the gurney I've been placed. I still hear guns going off. Wait it's still going on, how'd I get back here then.

"Charlie dragged you out claiming you were dieing and you were in need of emergency help." Racheel said. Did I say that aloud?

"Yes you did?"

"Whats happening why can't I think without saying it aloud Racheel." I ask her.

"Your brains not co-operating with what you want" She anwers.

"Oh that sucks" I say. "Wheres Charlie though?" I ask her.

She doesn't answer she just says.

"We're at the hospital lets get you fixed up" She says and the doors open. It must be Tuesday due to the immence sunlight.

"Why do I still hear the guns?" I ask.

"Your severly damaged. You can't ever get over the fact that you get to live and others don't" Racheel says.

"Oh that really sucks then. But where's Charlie?" She just widens her eyes and rolls them. Obviously not getting an answer is what she wants. So lets trick her then.

"Whats not happened to him then?" I ask

"Well he's not dead and your little sister Sugar, the one that looks so much like Frenchy from Grease, showed up and ran as soon as she heard the bangs and now Charlie's at the hospital. So DON'T WORRY HE'S FINE" She shot like a bullet with her talking. I wince at the thought of a shot bullet. Suddenly my head has a horrid pain and it makes tears spring to my eyes. I close them.

Suddenly darkness surrounds me.

Racheel P.O.V

After I'd said those words. She winced and clutched her head keeping from where the bullet was still implanted. If it comes out of her head, her head will make her bleed to death. Which really, really sucks.

She then faints and she's being operated on about ten minutes later. This is the third time that I've seen Charlie running to find her. The bullet didn't go right the way down to his bone.

"Racheel! I've gone around the entire hospital twice where is she?" He asks ergently. I give up. I point behind me. And with a quick 'Thank you' he runs inside.

3rd Person.

As Charlie walks into Viola's room he immediatly runs to her bedside.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't protect you enough. You got shot in the head" Viola was awake by now. And smiling at him.

"No reason to be sorry. You wern't holding the gun were you. You didn't shoot me in the head. Your not my cousins" She says.

"And I don't love my cousins"