I haven't been in a situation like this, or for that matter any relationship but by observing and reading stories I came up with this, inspired by winter and changing seasons:

Gold to Cold

Cold, cruel eyes, as piercing as the malevolent icicles that shimmer in the sunlight. Winter sunlight.

The spearing, ice blue stare that so recently was warm like a blazing fire. Like autumn.

Dazzling arrays of reds and golden, sunset oranges that lit up my world. The leaves spilling onto the grass, wet with the morning dew, splashing onto my shoes as I walked hand in hand with you.

Those eyes, that captivated, no entranced mine, have turned to winter. Bitter, unforgiving, intimidating, daunting winter. Iridescent glittering snow that crunches as I tread on it ever so lightly, so afraid of disturbing my enemy, winter, as afraid as I am of breaking my fragile, glass bond with you.

Everywhere I go. The silence, the biting winds that snap at me like the spiky tendrils of the bare-branched trees I brush past trying to regain my equanimity, those thorny fingers, so like your now-alien hands that used to ensnare me so easily, those strong, sturdy arms that gave me warmth. Like autumn.

I choke with sobs racking my body at the realization. You have blanketed me in ashes, left me in the darkness, as dark as the shadows on your vindictive face. That used to be lit up with your once sparkling eyes that would make my brain melt. Like autumn.

But the seasons go on. And they don't stop. I can only hope for spring. But those eyes, those eyes, have gone from Gold, to Cold.

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