A/N: A quick warning! There will be blood and/or guts, so if you're squeamish, be warned. I tried to keep it light but I figured I'd stick a warning up just in case. :)

Chapter One

The street was dark, lit only by a sole lamp that casted an ochre glow on the crosswalk. In the crosswalk was a man stumbling across it, hiccupping quietly as he tried to walk in a straight line across the street and failed, zig-zagging as he ambled along.

On the side of the street that the man was walking towards, another man stood, waiting. He was watching the drunk man stumble across the street, his blue eyes glowing in the dark like a cat's as he tracked the other man's movements.

The drunk made it across the street without any mishaps and he smiled to himself. Then he tripped on the step up to the curb, his arms wind-milling about as he tried to steady himself.

In a flash, the man with the glowing blue eyes was by his side. "Let me help you," he said, his voice low and soothing as he placed a hand on the other man's shoulder.

Clutching onto him, the drunk man looked up and saw, not a man, but a young woman, pretty and sweet with naivety and concern written across her wrinkled brow. The drunk grinned. "Anything you say, sweetheart," he replied, his lecherous grin growing wider by the second.

The young woman smiled playfully and leaned in as if to kiss the man. The man leaned in as well, sniggering to himself about the foolishness of women when, suddenly, he felt a painful, sharp ache in his chest, followed by a constant dull throbbing. He looked down.

There was a hole in his chest where his heart had been only moments before. Blood gushed out of the hole and the man ended up with his own warm, intoxicated blood on his chin for his troubles. His eyes widened to a comical size and he looked up at the young woman frantically, gasping, "What did you do?"

The woman smiled and morphed before his eyes, returning to the form of the young man with the glowing eyes – his true form. "I helped you die," he said, his grin widening as the drunkard fell to the ground, dead, his face frozen in fear. His bowels emptied around him and the other man stepped away, his nose wrinkling from the smell.

Away from the stench, the man lifted his hand and examined the human's heart, a pathetic-looking thing that was growing cold. With a smile, he leant his head back and opened his mouth wide, swallowing the organ whole.

"Oi, Lucas, wake up, will ya?" a male voice called throughout a small apartment set in the middle of the city, the building a stone's throw away from the subway.

Lucas rolled over in his bed, his eyes opening as he did so. "I'm up, keep your panties on!" he called back, his voice a little hoarse. Lucas grimaced slightly as he sat up and tasted his own morning breath; there was a gross taste of alcohol lingering on his tongue. That's what I get for going after drunks, he thought as he clambered out of bed.

Lucas padded out of his postage stamp-sized bedroom and into the small sitting room just outside of it. His flat mate, Sam, was eating rapidly from a cereal bowl while his eyes were glued to their small television screen. "Didja see this?" he asked around a mouthful of Lucky Charms. "Been another murder!"

On the television, the newscaster was saying, "Last night at about two in the morning, another victim of the Heartless was found on the corner of Fifth street. The victim was found the same as the others have been: with a hole in his chest and his heart missing, accompanied by a look of terror on his face. This is the fourth victim of what we have decided to call the Heartless, as the murderer appears to cut out his victims' hearts…" The woman began to rattle off her usual warnings, but Lucas had already moved on and was walking into the kitchen.

The mess was terrible: the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes, one of the cupboards was wide open, and there was a gallon of milk sitting on the counter. "Sam, I'm not your damn maid!" Lucas yelled to his roommate, even as he closed the cupboard, put the milk back in the refrigerator, and started to take care of the dishes.

Sam walked in from the sitting room and set his dirty bowl and spoon on the counter by the sink. Lucas was already elbows-deep in the muck of the other dishes, scrubbing away at a lasagna-encrusted pan. Sam grinned. "You're right," he said, "you can't be the maid without the uniform."

Lucas flicked soapy water at Sam, who failed to dodge it. "Just 'cause I'm a clean freak doesn't mean you can take advantage of it, shithead."

Wiping the water from his ratty pajama shirt, Sam grinned. "Sure I can, mate. I'm already doin' it just fine, and it's workin'." Lucas lobbed a crusty spoon at Sam, but he had already moved out of the line of fire. Lucas sighed. He was going to have to find that and pick it up later.

Sam poked his head back into the kitchen, leaning it against the doorframe. "Gonna be out late tonight," he told Lucas, and Lucas looked up. Sam was tugging at the ends of his curly red hair, a nervous tic he'd apparently had his whole life, because he did it every time he was trying to lie.

"When do you think you'll be back?" Lucas asked, still scrubbing the lasagna pan while looking at Sam, trying to figure him out.

Sam shrugged, averting his green eyes from Lucas's prying blue ones. "Just, late," he repeated. "I'm going to bar hop some with friends from work." Suddenly, Sam stood up straight. "God, stop actin' like my mom. Maybe I'll getcha that maid outfit after all." Sam grinned and fled the kitchen before Lucas could react properly, probably by tossing the whole pan at his head.

Lucas returned his full attention to the dishes, deciding to let the pan soak and move on to easier tasks, like bowls and plates. Sam's behavior was suspicious, but Lucas had already decided that it was none of his business. He had more important things to focus on, anyway.

Tonight, Lucas had souls to reap.

A/N: New story, muhaha! I was struck by this really cool idea to do something with angels and reapers, which turned into just a reaper, and the love interest turned from "a girl who expertly evaded him" to "his roommate who is too interested in the mysterious murders for his own good". I'm really excited to continue with this, especially because it allows me to make up my own sort of ideas about reapers and what they do and how they do it. c:

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