When the Day met the Night

Sonnet 11

Impossible love, romantic story

Like when the moon fell in love with the sun

Meeting but once a twilight sky, show me

Pinks, purples and reds like my soul undone

Those few moments sharing the horizon

Joyful reunion, tearful farewell

Just like my hopeless romance long gone

Memories bitter sweet, wont kiss and tell

I'm a canary and you're my coal mine

I take a chance every time we meet

Relationship difficult to define

I'll protect my heart, feelings must retreat

Is it better to have loved and lost you...

I think It's changed me for the best, it's true

_,∙~* All But Faceless *~∙,_

Some have it, need it and want it and more,

Love is precious, not gifted to all

I've never experience romantic love but I hope to one day

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