Feelings that surface when your best friend just leaves you and you watch from the sidelines as she gets another and you're still alone, considering her your best friend. This happens to me, I can't stop wanting to be that girl's BFFl again.

I always will. Forever and Always

I watch you, you know, every day

Laughing and smiling, with her, always together.

It used to be me and you, not so long ago, talking about books,

And our favourite things to do together.

Now it's her. Was I that easily replaceable?

You may have found another best friend, but know this,

For me you will always hold that spot.

I consider you as my BFFl for real.

And I always will. Forever and Always.

I said things I shouldn't have, did things I regret

I let you go so easily and you never came back

You asked for another chance, I turned down the friendship

Now I can't go back and change it, because you've left

And you won't ever come back.

Know this in your heart, that I will always be waiting,

Your spot is always reserved, my BFFl,

Because I hold my promise of Friends Forever

Even though I shouldn't have done.

It was my entire fault, and I don't hold it against you,

But if you choose to come back some day,

If she hurts you too,

I'm there for you, to share secrets with, to have a support, anything

I'm standing, waiting, for you to come back so I can say sorry.

I always will be. Forever and Always.

Had to write this instead of bursting and telling her, I wish for all my heart we'll be best friends again soon.