Cora woke up the next morning with kisses peppering her face. When her eyes opened she saw Heinrich settling over her, a smile on his face. She reached up to touch his cheek, gazed into his twinkling blue eyes, and he leaned toward her. His lips met hers just as his hands went to her thighs. He moved against her, his lips moving from her lips to her neck and then back to her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close, and touched his head. After he climaxed he rolled onto his back, smiling and staring up at the ceiling.

"D-do you w-w-want an Ammmmerican name?" he asked looking toward her.

"An American name?" she asked.

"For our first b-b-buh-baby," he explained.

"Oh… I have not thought of that," she told him and he rolled back onto his side, holding his hand up with his hand, and smiled down at her.

"I th-th-think w-we should p-pick our first ch-child's name f-from b-both o-our languages. I-I have b-been thinking per-perhaps, T-Thomas, P-Paul, or E-Erich."

"You've thought about names?" she asked, a small smile coming to her lips. He nodded and she touched his lips. "If you would like a more German name I would be fine with that. I am quite fond of Dietrich and Ernst."

"For our o-o-other ch-children," he told her. "I think this wwwould be f-fuh-for the best. H-He mmust kn-know his heritage."

"What if we have a little girl?" she asked. He thought a moment. She was not surprised he had been thinking of boy names. What man did not want a son?

"C-Christina, Mathilde, o-o-or Hilde."

"I like those names," she told him and he smiled.

"I-I am s-so ex-excited to b-b-buh-be a father," he told her and lowered him down, pulling the blankets away, and kissing her stomach gently. She was embarrassed at first for her naked body to be bare to him, but she did not stop him.

"You will make an amazing father," she told him, touching his hair affectionately. He looked up at her then, fear swimming in his milky eyes.

"I sp-spoke to mmmy doctor and he t-told me th-that mmost ch-children raised with a p-parent that st-stammer do not aquire the a-afliction."

"Oh, Heinrich," she said. "I am not worried."

"I h-have c-called mmmy boss," he told her, coming back up to face her. "I-I d-do not nnned to go to V-Vienna."

"Are we going right to the mountains?"

He nodded in excitement, placed a peck to her lips, and got from bed.

"Y-Yes, I h-have a f-friend who h-has lent mmme a cabin. W-We will pur-purchase one for ourselves," he told her and pulled on some trousers and began dressing for the day. "I-It will b-be so-so wonderful."

She slipped out of bed, grabbing her robe from the floor and wrapping it around herself. He intercepted her as she tried to get to the bathroom, wrapping his arms around her middle and holding him close. He looked so handsome with the smile on his face. He could not seem to stop himself from simply staring and smiling at her.

"My b-beautiful w-wife," he breathed and leaned down to kiss her again. "I h-have n-never looked t-toward my f-future with so-so much excitement."

She could not help but smile, though she did not share his optimism. She accepted another of his kisses and gripped his biceps warmly. She giggled when he picked her up and spun her around, laughing before he placed another hard kiss to her mouth.

"I amm so h-happy," he smiled.

"I must get dressed, Heinrich," she told him and he nodded, apologizing as he released her. He had a soft blush on his face and he stood back a moment, merely gazing at her. The curve of his lips, the brightness of his twinkling eyes… she could not remember ever seeing him so happy, of such high spirits. It brought a smile to her own lips and she leaned toward him, kissing him gently. He smiled shyly and kissed her again when she pulled away.

"I w-will be d-downstairs," he told her and she only nodded. She looked into the mirror once she got into the bathroom.

"Cora Scholz," she whispered as she looked at herself. She reminded herself how lucky she indeed was, despite the arranged marriage. Heinrich was a good, gentle man that would love and cherish her until death. She would never have to worry about living comfortably, about her children being raised by a loving father, or unfaithfulness.

As she got ready for the day she tried to force herself into higher spirits but found herself struggling. Heinrich deserved a happy, loving wife and she would do her very best to give that to him, but as she looked at herself, softly whispering 'Cora Scholz' to herself, she could not pretend to herself she was happy. She had always planned on returning home after nursing her aunt back to health and now she was going to live in Austria the rest of her life with a man that she had not chosen herself.

She let out a sigh.

When she walked down the stairs and found Heinrich sitting at the table, hastily writing a letter, she felt her heart warm toward him. It is difficult not to love those who love you, but it is a grateful love, not romantic. She moved to stand behind him, gently placing her hands on his shoulders and kissing him on the cheek. He continued writing but smiled widely.

She laid out a simply breakfast for him, some cold meats from yesterday, bread and jam, and some cheese. When he finished the letter he folded it and placed it in his suit pocket. When he looked back up Cora was returning from the kitchen with a pitcher of juice. He watched her as she poured his drink and then asked her to sit next to him to eat.

"Erich or Paul," she told him as he spread some jam on a piece of bread. He looked up, his eyebrows raised. "But only if out next son can be named Ernst."

"G-Good German names," he smiled.

"We could name a child Henry?"

He shook his head and sipped at his juice.

"I d-do nnot want h-him named after mme," he said.

"Why not?" she asked. He was silent a moment.

"I-I do nnot wish to embarrass him."

"Embarrass him?"

"I am n-not an easy per-person to be proud of," he told her.


"D-don't," he said holding up his hand. She could see the muscles pulsing in his jaw. "P-please. Don't."

"Will we be stopping at a city along the way?" she asked after a few tense moments. He only nodded, staring down at his plate deep in thought. "If you wanted you could pick me out some new chemises to wear… for the honeymoon."

Her voice was soft and supplicating, and as she said it she saw a flush creep up from his neck to his cheeks. He reached out and took her hand, squeezing gently.

"I-if you are not p-pregnant by the end of our t-trip, I wwwil be v-very surprised," he said with a blush.

"Heinrich? I've wanted to ask you something since our engagement began. And I will honor your decision but I will be very upset if you deny my request."

"I w-will give you any-anything," was his response.

"Will I be allowed to work?" she asked and despite his previous words his face fell slightly.

"But the children…" he said releasing her hand.

"A hospital might not need me for many hours," she offered and held his hand in both of hers imploringly. "I will not work while they are young."

"I w-would r-rather you d-did nnot," he replied honestly. "I th-think w-women w-working is a s-sign a mman cannot provide f-for her, b-but if you wish it, I c-could not keep you from hap-hapiness."

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him.

"You are such a good man," she told him.

"Not while the ch-children are young. It mmight be years," he told her and she nodded. She would make that concession for him.

"O-our train l-leaves at noon," he said when he was finished eating. "I will g-go to t-town first and b-buy…. Well…"

He blushed as he stood, smiling at her. Before he left he placed a soft kiss to her lips.

"I w-will not be l-long," he told her.

When he did return she had all their bags by the door ready to go. Heinrich practically bubbled over with excitement as they drove to the train station. He clumsily with a bright blush on his face expressed his excitement for arriving in the mountains and that he hoped she would enjoy the clothing he had purchased for her. She had never thought she would be the type of wife to dress scandalously for her husband, but for Heinrich she could see herself doing almost anything. She knew he would do so for her.

The train ride was uneventful and slow but Heinrich had bought them a private box and so they were separated from the other travelers. Heinrich kept away from her most of the journey on the far side of the cabin but his eagerness and affection got the better of him. He slipped over next to her, placing his lips to her cheeks as she gazed out the window. His hands found her knees and though she put up a half-hearted fight he relented.

"I l-love you," he breathed against her ear, inhaling the scent of her hair. She smiled at him and touched his cheek her hand. "I l-love everything about you."

"Heinrich, you do not know everything about me," she said softly.

"But I w-will and-nd I will l-love it," he told her. He kissed her lips again and his hand went to touch her breast. "A-and I am l-lucky. Not mmmany Germans have Am-American wives."

"I am a unique trophy then?" she teased and he blushed, apologizing for how he had made it sound. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap, holding onto her firmly but gently.

"Y-Your ger-german is already b-better than when you ar-arived. I h-hope you do not l-lose your accent."

"I can try to speak it poorly if you like?" she joked, easing up on her pronunciation. He flashed a smile and touched her hair gently.

"N-No that is quite a-alright," he told her. "I w-want to l-learn all about you. I w-want to learn about y-your childhood and g-growing up inn America."

"We have all the time in the world," Cora told him running her hands through his hair. She leaned down and kissed him warmly. "All the time in the world."


The moment that they arrived at the cabin Heinrich scooped Cora into his arms and carried her up the stairs. He was stronger than his frame let on and carried her with little problem. She giggled and blushed as he tossed her on the bed, ripping off his jacket and tossing it to the side with a smile.

"We've only just arrived," she laughed. "I want to see the mountains."

"We w-will see the mountains l-later," he smiled and straddled her on the bed, bending down and placing a kiss to her lips.

"You are lecherous man," she teased him and he plucked at the buttons of her dress. He grinned at her but said nothing. He slid her dress from her body and threw that to the side. His lips pressed to her collar bone, pushing her chemise to the side to reveal her creamy chest and the swell of her breasts.

"Mmmy G-god," he breathed against her skin. She gasped when he pulled back and ripped through her chemise.


"I b-bought oth-others," he told her. He pulled her drawers down and added to her pile of clothes on the ground. His lips found her breasts, his hands gripping her hips tightly. She spread her legs for him, welcoming to her willingly, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel the outpouring of his affection for her as his mouth moved to hers, kissing her deeply, more passionately than ever before. The kiss was hard, nearly bruising, but at the same time tender. It was odd and Cora was unsure how he managed it, but she enjoyed the kiss, returning it with as much energy as she could.

She moaned as he entered her, his thrusts hard and steady. His lips moved to her neck, to her jaw, down to her breasts, and back to her lips again. His touches were rough and needy; not the hand of an expert lover, but the rawness of it set a fire in Cora's stomach. Any woman, if she is honest to herself, wants to be so deeply needed and loved by a man that he could not live without her. The way Heinrich touched her now, the way he breathed against her, kissed her lips and caressed her skin, demonstrated that very need burning inside of him.

It elicited her own affection for him. He still wore his shirt and trousers, and she fisted the fabric on his back, pulling her to him tightly, her arms squeezing him hard. Their coupling lasted longer than the night before and Cora found herself pleased with Heinrich's sexual ability. She had initially thought Heinrich would be too timid and gentle to really arouse her excitement, but if his forceful touches and heated kisses were any inclination he would be a fine lover. She had no doubt he had been a virgin on their wedding night, a rarity for a man of any age, but his animal instincts were not failing him.

"W-would you like to take a w-w-wuh-walk?" he asked her gently after a few moments of heavy breathing. "There is a lovely v-view just m-m-minutes from here."

"That would be lovely," Cora smiled. He pulled back and picked up her ruined chemise, blushing.

"I am s-sorry," he told her. "You mmmake me loose mmmy head."

She smiled.

"Just don't do it again," she teased slipping from the bed and going for her bag. He watched her as she crossed the room, his eyes on her lean but full body. She smiled as she finished dressing and helped him back into his jacket. Shyly Heinrich grabbed onto Cora's hand as they left the house, but after a few moments into their walk he pulled her closer, linking their arms and keeping her close to his side.

"I love th-these mmountains," Heinrich said after a few moments of silence. He gently stroked the hand of her skin, a little far away smile on his lips. "Th-they are so p-puh-peacefull."

"Will a house in the mountains not be very expensive?" she asked and Heinrich laughed. She had a new appreciation for his laugh, it tugged at her chest and she felt a swell of affection. She moved so she had her arms wrapped around his left and kissed his shoulder once as they walked. The brightening it brought to his face was well worth it.

"Offff c-course it will be expensive," he told her.

"I mean too expensive," she explained.

"I h-have been a-alone w-with a lllot of money and nothing to spend it on. I h-have more than e-enough," he promised her. She smiled t him. "R-ready?"

She frowned at him and he jerked his head to the side. Together they walked out of the tree line and Cora found herself staring off into the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. It took her breath away, her lips parted, and her eyes watered. The sun was beginning to set over the distant mountains, the green lush earth nearly glowing through the air. She could hear birds, felt a soft breeze in her air and felt suddenly at peace.

"Wow," she breathed and he smiled.

"I c-came here with mmy f-friend a few y-years ago and f-found this spot. I h-have done mmmuch thinking here. It's always been the one sp-spot in the world wh-where I felt safe and at pp-puh-peace," he told her. "I w-will try nnot to sp-speak too much here. I do nnnot want to disturb the tranquility."

Someone else might not have understood the true meaning behind his words, but Cora understood what he meant immediately and took her eyes from the sight before her to look at Heinrich. She took his face between her hands and made him look at her, a severe frown on her face.

"Your stammer is one of the most endearing things about you," Cora told him. "I love the sound of your voice, the way you talk. You are my husband and you will no longer put yourself down in front of me."

"I-it can be j-jaring," was his response.

"Not to me," she told him. "There is no one I would rather be here with."

"Not even W-Werner Mmmetzger," he mumbled.

"I never had any interest in Werner Metzger or anyone else," she told him. She placed a half to his chest and felt the hard thudding of his heart. It pounding against his chest, hard and fast. "Oh Heinrich. You must see your self-worth."

"Mmost mmen don't nneed to h-have wives imported," he tried to joke.

"Heinrich, if I knew back in New York what I know now, I would still get on that boat," she told him and he looked up at her, his blue eyes searching and vulnerable.

"Truly?" he asked, his voiced hardly above a whisper.

"Truly," she told him. He smiled and took her hands. He looked out toward the setting sun.

"I f-feel I mmust be dreaming," he whispered. He looked back down at her.

"A good dream?" she asked and he laughed.

"Very good," he told her. He blushed and looked down toward his waist. He cleared his throat and looked up to Cora with a teasing smile. "I kn-know how it c-could get better."

She giggled and pressed her mouth to his.

"Let's go back to bed."


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