"I had that dream again."

"How many times do I have to tell you, Evs, you are not going to a mental institution?" Marina is my best friend. Every day I tell her the same thing, "I had that dream again." This one dream I have every night. I'm walking on this large lawn and I go inside where everybody is screaming, mumbling complete gibberish except for me because I'm sane. The dream gets longer everyday and I see another part of the place. "Evs you've got to chill out, I mean you take this dream so seriously!" Marina said.

We were walking in the lunchroom and my teacher called me from across the room, "Evelyn," she screeched, "how many times do I have to tell you not to ditch lunch detention!" Evelyn is my full name but everyone calls me Evs, well at least Marina does.

"Wait," I told the teacher, "I have to tell Marina. Hey, Ma…"

"Who are you talking to, Evelyn?" Ms. King asked. "She must have sat down already," I said quite embarrassed.

In detention, I saw a lot of troublemakers in there. I was just in there because I was late to school a couple of times.

"Evelyn, what is your friend's last name?" Ms. King asked.

"Edwards," I answered. Every teacher knew me as a loner, so I guess se didn't believe I actually had a friend.

She mumbled Marina Edwards as she typed on her little cheap class computer.

"Evelyn, there's no Marina Edwards registered to this school," she said back.

"She just got here a couple of weeks ago, so she might not be on the computer yet," I answered.

"Yes, that must be it," Ms. King murmured.

I didn't feel like eating, seeing as I was' with Marina. Marina always had interesting things happening to her. And she told me all of them. It seemed as if stuff isn't said, I can't eat, but it just isn't' the same when it's empty and quiet, which it wasn't, it was noisy and had a bunch of kids in there. Just like the cafeteria.

The bell rang and everyone left. I walked down the hall towards sixth period.

The next day, I was through with my lunch detention so I sat next to marina. Everyone always stared at me when I talked to her. Why was that?

"So, Evs, did you have that dream again?" she snickered,

"As a matter of fact, yes, I did, Marina,"

"Look, if you think it's real, you are going to turn crazy," she told me for like the hundredth time.

Lunch was over, I felt like ditching school. Mr. Stewart would probably make me stay after school because I didn't finish my work.

I hid in the girl's bathroom until the late bell rang. The school officers went into some classrooms and I left the school. Even though I knew Katicia Leonard, this little snitch would tell, I left anyway.

At home, I didn't want to go to sleep, I watched some boring news, did my stupid homework and went to my room. I didn't go to sleep until five o'clock.

There I was walking on the lawn towards the nut house. I went through the halls into a room where my roommate walked back and forth screaming, "The world is going to end!"

"This is just for your safety." I had a straight jacket and I walked in.

"Evelyn… Evelyn…"

"Evelyn! Come downstairs, dinner is almost ready!" My mom screamed at me.

I walked downstairs, Mom had turned on the news. It was seven o'clock. "A young girl has escaped from the nearby mental facility, cops believe that she was given a ride out of the town during break, local authorities believe that her mother may have helped her escape because she never wanted her to go there in the first place. Be careful she's a threat to herself and others especially without her weekly medication. She's described as Hispanic, 5'3, dark hair. She talks to herself, call if you have any information." Mom gave me a strange, nervous look and handed me my food. I put my plate down, I really wasn't hungry anymore.

I walked upstairs, but before I could, I heard a knock at the door. "Hey, Marina," I said.

"Evs, you said we were going to study today."
"I showed her upstairs into my room, "we can study here, okay, I'll get my notebook." I walked over to my desk and grabbed my notebook, "Marina, so when is this research due?" I asked.

My mom walked in, "Evelyn, who are you talking to?"