A World to Weave; A World to Weep

By Nadia Swift

Once upon a time, before this world or any other ever existed, there was a princess. She loved making elaborate tapestries and in them she wove the feelings of loneliness she held deep within her heart.

Day after day, she wove until her fingers ached, urging her to stop, but she would not. She felt how essential her weaving was, and little by little a world was created.

It was a sad, lonely world; built from the princess's feelings. From her perch high above the world, she watched. And although she had made the tiny world, she did not like it.

So one day, she set out her loom and began to create a new world. A brighter, happier world came alive beneath her fingertips.

She named this second world Summerland.

And it was then that something strange happened. Voices cried out to her in anguish.

Not from this new world, which was as silent as death, but from the old.

"Why?" they cried out. "Why have you abandoned us?"

And it was then that the princess realized what she had done. She had created a world, yes. But it was a world that didn't exist just because of her feelings; it was a world that was her feelings!