"Loud Men"


For anyone who has dared to smile. For anyone who has been abused. For anyone and everyone.

Loud men are like flares.

Shrieking smoketail and

Starburst signaling to

Us quiet ones.

Watch as the loud man

Burns up!

Watch as the loud flare

Blots stars with red!

Furious, attention is his at

All corners of sky and earth.

All mouths hollow, barren

All hands chasing, wanting,

Except the quiet man, who

Drops the fuming barrel from his hand.

Loud men are like flares,

Screaming supernova and

Sweeping sound away

From the silent man.

Watch as the quiet man

Shuts down.

Watch the gunpowder hand

Blot fear with ashes.

Watch the dry mouth

Refresh that rage with a gunmetal grin.

-SVH 2013