A poem for someone

Let's go buy you brightly printed sweaters
and l'll think every single one is ugly
but I'll still steal them when it gets cold out
Let's go get vanilla milkshakes
in the middle of winter on a cold Saturday night
Let's make colorful mix CDs for each other
cause we like to kick it old school every now and then
Let's watch our favorite movies on mute
so I can rewrite the script and you'll call me an artist
Let's go buy a bunch of paint
and you'll make art on my walls
no canvas needed because imagination has no boundaries anyway
Let's go travel the world together
and get lost in new words with new people
so that the only familiar thing we have (for a while) is each other
Let's go to an empty parking lot
and you'll watch me drive for the first time
and then we can sit out on the cement
as we watch the star painted sky expand above us
we can feel so small in the taciturn night
Let's get lost in the city and take pictures of everything we like
as we spill coffee and tea on the streets
we can talk about our hazy dreams and watercolor future
so I can fall even more for your exquisite passion
Let's set up a stand selling our artwork
so that I can watch you draw and you can watch me write
and we'll trade them for stories that inspire us
Let's get lost in the Amazon and climb up the Egyptian pyramids
and explore glacial waterfalls and watch the Northern Lights
Let's find a haunted house and stay the night
and find a drive-in movie theatre
where we can watch classics in each other's arms
Let's live hand in hand
and be illustrious human beings