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he was upset. he knew what was coming. his parents would come home. scold him for something he didn't do. he would protest, and end up being grounded. the same routine he let out a sigh at the sound of an SUV pulling up to his driveway. he sat on the side of his bed and crossed his arms. hoping that this time, his principal would have forgotten to call his parents.

his hopes shortly died.

he herd the doorknob moving. their was a 'click', followed by the creaking of his door. the sound of brass on brass made him cringe. their his parents stood. looking at him sitting on the side of his bed. his back facing them. they walked in and closed the door behind them. they stood there. not saying a single word. t'was about a whole minute later till his mom spoke.

"Knell, we know what you did." she said bluntly. with her arms crossed. his dad was in no better mood. not by a long shot.
his face was red. eyes darted on his son. and his breathing was slow with his fist balled. their son spoke. with his back still turned to them. "And what exactly, did 'I' do?" "...you don't know? You Don't Know?!" his farther shot at him. his fist shaking with rage. "you set the school library ON. FIRE." he said. about ready to explode. his wife put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. "Knell. we can't keep paying for these things. we're at the end of our rope." she said as calmly as she could. his son spoke again. "You mean paying for things other people do?" 'here we go again.' his dad though to himself. rolling his eyes at his sons comment.

"Knell. please just stop for once and tell US. the truth." his mom pleaded. he flinched at that. "For once? F-for once?!" he shot up. he marched right up to his parents. his fist ready to throw a punch at one of them "I've ALWAYS told you guys the truth!"
"Well the principal and everyone else think otherwise." his farther responded. stepping closer to his face. "And don't you dare yell at me or your mother like that! you will show us respect!" "I'll respect you when you believe Me!" he said while pointing his thumb at his chest. his eyes on fire. his mother stepped up to him. "That's enough young man! you are grounded for another 2 weeks for lying to us AND yelling at us! no computer TV or video games " "That's not Fair!" he yelled. stomping his foot on the ground. hard. his farther spoke up again. "I swear. Why can't you just grow up for once?!" "I HATE YOU!" he screamed. his face red and covered in sweat. His other just stared at him. she blinked before saying, "...herd that before..."

With that. they turned around and swung the door open. their backs to their son. "S-STOP IT!" he yelled. but they didn't listen. his farther stepped out. followed by his mother. "I SAID STOP!" "Stop what son?! theirs nothing to stop until this problem is fi-"

"YOU TWO ARE THE PROBLEM " He shouted. he had no idea why he finally let that out for so long. they all stood there in silence. his mom and dad walked back in. up closed to him. staring down at their 12 year old son. "What...did you just SAY..."
he breathed. he was beyond mad this time. his wife was fairing no better. on the verge of tears. with an angry look on her face. their son couldn't hold in his emotions in any longer. he finally. after so many arguments with his parents, let it all come out.

"Y-you never believe a word i say! your always thinking i'm wrong! well YOUR wrong! I've never done any of the things you've said I've done! i never sat the library on fire! i never flipped that school bus! i never vandalized the school records! but no! you didn't believe me! you just stood there and looked down at me! you never gave me ONE FUCKING CHANCE! You never talk to me! you never spend any time with me! you think i'm an idiot! But i'm NOT A DUMB ASS LIKE YOU THINK I AM! And i know you probably hate me right now! but i don't care! i know i'm difficult at times! but i STILL love you too! I've loved you all my life!
and deep down, I-in my heart. i always will...i-i always will...l-love you!" he started choking up. tears slipping down his cheeks.

his mom and dad just stood there. in complete and utter shock at everything he said. watching him cry his little eyes out. they looked at each other before walking up to him. his mom placed an arm around his shoulders hugging him tightly. his farther hugged both of them. letting out a sigh. "I-i-i...d-don't...'sob'...i-i-i..." "shh...its gonna be okay..." his mother whispered in his ear.
holding him tight. his farther rubbed his head. stroking his long hair. he hadn't done this in god knows how long. his legs started to shake. he released his grip on his parents. plopping down on the bed. breathing heavily his mother sat next to him. rubbing his chest. "if there's something you wanna tell us...you can always talk to us." his dad said softly. spreading a blanket over him. "you don't have to be afraid."

"t-t-thank you..." he said under his breath. his whole body shaking and throbbing with each quiet sob. his parents got up and waked out the door. smiling down on him. "we love you." they whispered. turning off his light and closing the door behind them.
those last words broke him up again. letting out quiet cry's. he cuddled up in his blanket. smiling as he drifted off to sleep.

Now knowing that his parents, Truly Loved him.

The End.

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