Knell sat on a chair in the Principal's office. Completely unaware of why he was here. He kept on looking at the floor. Playing with his fingers and thumbs. Trying to pass time until his parents come over for god knows why. After 2 painful hours of waiting, Knell's Parents finally came in. Both angry and confused. "'Cough'..hello Mr. and Mrs Axle." The principal said politely. "Please. take a seat if you will." They both sat so Knell was in between them. The principal adjusted his glasses before leaning back.

"First off. let me thank you for coming here." He started off. both Knell's parents nodded. "Now then. Of course, You both know this involves the library incident... about 3 weeks ago." He said leaning back in his chair. "Knell...If you'd like to admit anythi-"

"For the last time! I didn't do Anything!" Knell said standing up. The principal however, said nothing. But just stared at his parents till his dad tugged his arm. motioning for him to sit down. Knell sighed before plopping back in his seat. "Um...'Cough' now then..." He said pulling something out of his desk. "Recently. The school had a break-in. If you remember." He explained. They all nodded. "Among other things we recovered. We found something in particular to this event." He finally brought his hand back up sliding something on the desk towards Knell. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open, agape.

A small compact CD.

"We looked this over and found some video feed of... Your son moments before the library was set on fire." He explained typing up something on the computer. "If you will. Please look at the screen." He requested turning the LCD screen towards them.

It was in low quality But they saw what appeared to be 'someone' throwing a lit flare into the library Before running off. Knell remained motionless. Not taking a chance to speak up. His farther sighed before standing up. "Sir..."

'Please dad. please.'

"I...really can't believe that my son did this." He said holding his wife's hand.

'Thank you...'

"How so?" The principal asked standing up also.

"Well, with a quality like that. I can barely make out that persons face. And it doesn't help that its in black and white." He explained helping his wife up. "Mr. Axle. He has long hair just like your son." He said eyeing Knell closely. He stood up too and said, "I know lots of kids who have long hair! Edward. Tyler. Mo-" "That's enough out of you Knell. Sit." He ordered. His mother held her hand up. "Did you just tell MY son to shut up?"

"I told him to sit down. Ma'am" He said snapping his gaze at her.

"Well its still ru-" He held a finger up at Mr. Axle. Walking around his desk and up to him. He said, "Might i remind you, that your Son, checked into the nurses office just moments after it caught on fire?"

"Well he had a sor-"

"One of his textbooks, With his name, Was found right next to the door after the fire was put out."

"Okay sir. you ne-"

"And, He had a burn...On his left cheek when he went to the nurses office." He finally finished. Adjusting his glasses again. "I just don't see How i can believe it wasn't him sir...honestly. all the evide-"

"Look here Gibbens." Knell's dad said. "I don't care if you have his DNA. If my son Says he didn't do it, Then i believe him." "Dad..."
Knell muttered. holding his arm. "Sir, don't yell at me like a-" "I DIDN'T raise my voice. I Haven't raised my voice since i got here.
and i don't think it helps that your disrespecting my son in front of both me and his mother." He said poking his chest. Knell started sweating at everything his dad was saying, As he was starting to feel sick. "D-dad please!" "What's there NOT to believe Axle! the evidence is right in front of you! on that screen!" He said poking his chest. "Just one video clip? at one angle? That's all the evidence you could get?" "That's all we could recover! and might i remind you that that break in was a HE set it on fire! that's something else to question him about!" "What?!" His mother shot up. filled with rage at what he just said about Knell. "How DARE you accuse my son about something he had NOTHING to do with! He was with me and my husband at home. ALL NIGHT. on the night of the break in!" "The schools not too far from your house. he could have broken in and come back in an hour or two." "She said HE. WAS WITH. US." His dad yelled. at his tipping point. "Just ask him!" He said pointing at an empty chair.

"...Where is he?" His mom asked. they looked around before staring at the door. Both his mom and dad ran out. Looking all over the halls for any sign of him. Thankfully. They found him sitting in a corner. His legs pressed up against his chest. they both ran up to him. Sitting next to him. "Son," His dad started. "Why did you run off?"

"Son." he said again.

"Knell! pay aten-"

"I DID IT OKAY?! ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY?!" He shouted shoving them away. He stood up. Letting the tears flow down his face. "I-I found a couple of flares by the schoolyard and picked them up, A-and one caught on fire in my backpack and i p-panicked A-and i just threw it in there! I-i was scared okay?! I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! IT WAS ALL SO FAST OKAY?!"

His parents stood there. both mouths hung open. They couldn't believe everything he just said. He lied. and they believed him.


-Y-you never believe a word i say!-

-you never gave me ONE FUCKING CHANCE!-

-but i STILL love you too!-

His dad didn't say anything. He just walked up to him. Staring down at him. Knell looked up at him with teary eyes. not saying a word to him for a moment or two.

"D...D-dad i-"

"Get in the car, Knell..." He said with no emotion in his voice. Knell hung his head in shame and proceeded outside. The sun was about to set. making the front of the school shady He stood at the side of the car and waited for his parents. Thinking of what they would say...No, Yell, at him when they would get home.

'You fucked up Knell.' He thought to himself. 'You FUCKED up...fucked up...fucked up...'

"Knell." His mom said. Gaining his attention. "Get in." She said closing her side of the car. Knell jumped in. Not bothering to buckle up. He laid his head on the window. Staring at each passing car. Counting up to 100.

About ten minutes later, They finally pulled up to their house. Mr. Axle stepping out of the car first. Knell sighed before stepping out of his side of the car. Closing the door behind him. He looked at his mother. She nodded her head for him to go up to his room. He nodded before walking inside. Tossing his backpack to the side. He proceeded upstairs to his room. And wasn't surprised that his dad was waiting for him.

"Sit down Knell." He said pointing towards his bed. Knell quietly sat down. Playing with his fingers. His dad knelled in front of him. Holding his chin. He moved so he was looking at him. His eyes still soaked with tears.

"...Why..." He whispered. "Why didn't you just tell me in the first place? Why?"

Knell moved his mouth. But no words came out.

"Knell, I'm your farther. the one who raised you all your life. Why was it so hard to tell Me the truth?" He asked.

"I-i-i was s-scared... I d-didn't know what t-to say..." He chocked between sobs.

"... 'Sigh'... I...I just can't... Believe... that you..."

"D-dad I'm sorry! i swear i am!" Knell said grabbing his arm. His dad sighed again before standing up and walking towards the door. Turning off the light on his way out.

"...Knell... I'll wake you when dinner's done." He said softly. Slowly closing the door.

"I...I-i love-" Knell's dad quietly closed the door before he could even finish. Knell sat there for a moment before crawling under his covers. Allowing his tears to slip from his eyelids.

"I'm sorry." He kept muttering over and over again. Hoping somehow his farther would hear and forgive him.


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