Friday. Friday. Getting down on Friday.

Mr. Axle walked past the hallways of the school. On his way to the principal's office. Again. Had no idea why though. He just assumed that his son got into trouble, Yet again. He took a deep breath before opening the door. The principal was there. on his phone talking to someone about something. And his son was in a wooden chair. No surprise there. He sat in the chair next to him Not making eye contact. Probably still mad, Or sad about the 'talk' they had a week ago. He didn't think too much of it, anyway.

"Yes...Yes...Yes, we have all his paperwork in order...Yes, he can start in a week...Yes...Yes...Yes...That too...Yes.."

"Ahem." Knell's farther coughed. Gaining the principal's attention. He nodded and sat the phone down.

"My apologies, Sir."

'God, Why did he have to say that...'

"I was talking to someone about the new kid coming soon." He said taking a sip from his coffee "Now then...I think you know why your here." "Yes sir." He said staring his son closely "Well, After the library...I'm afraid your son might be at the end of his rope."


"Let me explain..." He started walking over to the window. "Flipping a school bus, Setting the library on fire, School records gone.
Anymore of this and he might be expelled." "E-expelled?!" They both said in usion. The principal nodded. "I'm afraid so Mr. Axle."

"B-but can't you suspended him first?!" He asked at his tipping point yet again. "He's already been suspended three times this year sir. You need to understand that."

"...'Sigh'...I do..."

Outside of the principal's office. Mac was walking by and overheard everything. A big devilish grin across his face.

"One more offence. And he's gonna have to go."

'One more, huh?' Mac thought to himself. 'I can help with that...' He quickly ran off into the halls shoving everyone out of his way.
But little did he know that Guru saw him. Almost immediately knowing he was up to no good. 'Oh, no.' Guru thought to himself.
quickly following mac. but also making sure he wouldn't notice that he was following him.

'Its gonna be one of those days...'

"Is this all you got?" Mac asked. Doubting that what was in the box would get Knell Expelled.

"Yes, But i know for a fact this WILL work. I got pics of our gym teacher and the principals assistant Hardcore man. AND. not only will it get that little prick kicked out for sure, But also break up the principal and her assistant " Shepard said with a cheeky grin.
"And it would be funny to see him and the gym teacher screaming at each other. Wouldn't it?"

"Well...Yeah, i guess so..." Mac said looking inside the box again. "As long as it gets knell kicked out."

"100 percent sure. No way he's gonna slide this ti-..." Sheppard stopped short. Mac tilted his head. "...What?"

"...That bush...Did it just move?" He asked pointing by a bush by the wire fence. They both shrugged before walking over to it.

"Hmm..." Mac pondered before kicking it. Leaves flying everywhere and twigs breaking. "...Meh...Probably just a cat." "A cat? I'll get rid of it later." Sheppard said before walking off with Mac.

About five minutes later. Guru popped out of a trash can. Dusting himself off. He ran back inside the school. Rushing past everyone to what he thought would be where Mac was going.

Knell's locker.

He quickly jumped in front of it before Mac came around a corner. Still holding the box with a death grip. He gulped when he saw Guru. Hoping he wouldn't ask him anything and walk away. He walked up to the locker and grabbed Guru's arm. "Move it kid."

"What cha' doin' Mac?" Guru asked. Mac rolled his eyes and tried shoving him away.

"Putting something away. Now beat it freak." He said quickly.

"This isn't your locker."

"I know that!" He shot at him. Already starting to sweat.

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm just putting something away for Knell, Okay?!"

"What is it?" He asked.


"Then can i see it?" Guru asked moving his hand towards the box.

"No, You can't! It's privet!" Mac said swatting Guru's hand away.

"Well if that's the case...Why did Knell give it to YOU?"

"Because!" Mac said stepping back.


Mac stepped back more. He wouldn't get anywhere with this 'Freak' pursuing him. He hightailed it to his locker. Guru nodded and ran after him. He knew if he got to his locker he could lock in there, sneak into school when he wasn't around and shove whatever's in there in Knell's locker.

Getting him expelled from school.

"Where ya going Mac?!" Guru yelled across the halls catching up to Mac. "Back off dork!"

"Make me!" Guru said. Giving Mac an idea. He snapped around. tossing the box at Guru's forehead, Sending its contents all over the floor. "Hey!" "Well, you wanted so badly!" He said running up to him and grabbing his neck.

"Y-you'll never get away with this!"

"How so?" Mac asked.

"...What...on earth is this?" Someone asked from behind. Both Mac and Guru turned around and saw the principal holding one of the photographs from the box. His eyes bulging out of his skull. Filled with disbelief and rage.

"W-where did you find this?"

"Knell's locker!" Mac shouted dropping Guru on the floor. "That's a lie!" He shouted. Mac just shrugged and walked away.

"Where you going?!" Guru yelled grabbing Mac's collar. He chuckled "Oh yeah...i still gotta deal with you..." He said pushing him against a locker. "your very persistent." He said grabbing his arm. "This would have all been so much simpler without you..."

"Stay back! i got a gun!"

"Pfft. Yeah right." Mac said. "Like you, Out of all people in this school, Have a g-"

"Think fast!" Guru said pointing a gun at Mac. He jumped back allowing Guru to run off, Dropping the gun behind him. Mac looked down. Finding that it was only a toy. "...Mother fuckers gonna pay..."

Knell shoved his text book in his locker. only to have it fall on his foot. He jumped around clenching his leg.

"Son of a!-"


Knell fell hard on the floor rolling over on his back. He looked around and saw Guru catching his breath. "Dude, you ok-" Before Knell could finish, Mac kicked him to the side. Staring down at Guru. "You think you can scare me?" "Well, i kinda did." Guru said standing up and dusting himself off. "Your BOTH dead."

"Hey! What did i do?" Knell said holding his hands in front of him.

"You did plenty yo-"

"Knell Axle!" The principal shouted across the halls. Holding a small brown box in his hands. He motioned for him to come over. To which, He did. He brought an arm around his shoulder and whispered to him "You won't be in trouble if you tell me where you found this." "...I'm sorry, What are you talk-" "JUST... Answer the question." He said calmly. Knell had no idea what was going on. and just said the first thing that came to his mind. "Mr. Beeswax desk. 2nd Drawer."

"Thank you Knell." He said patting his back. "I'm gonna have a little talk with Mr. Beeswax right now." He waved before walking off. Box still in hand. Knell shrugged before walking back to Mac and Guru.

"Welllll?" Mac asked tugging on his shoulder.

"I... Really have no idea what just happened."

"What did he say?!" Guru asked.

"He asked me about a box... That's about it."

"That's it?" Mac asked.


"No detention?"




"Wow. what a rip-off." Mac grunted stomping off. Guru whispered 'Yes!' As Mac walked off. "I'll deal with you later." He said Pointing at Guru before disappearing into the halls of the school. Guru sighed. Wiping off some sweat on his forehead. "Oh, man. i better prepare if he comes back."

"Dude, you okay?" Knell asked.

"Oh, I'm hip baby!"

"What just happened?"

"Oh, he tried to frame you with some dirty pics or something." Guru said walking down the halls with Knell. "Oh, really?" "True story bro." "Well...thanks." Knell said overhearing a conversation in the principals office. "No problem. Anything-"

"What do you MEAN you don't know what this is?!"

"I swear sir! I DON'T KNOW!" someone shouted behind the principal's office door.

"...Should we stick around?" Guru asked Knell.

"Well...Everyone else is." He said pointing out people standing by the door.

"I'm gonna kill you! I'M GONNA MURDER YOU!" someone shouted followed by some crashing noises.

"Even if we can't hear it, This beats TV by a long shot."

"Even Adventure Time?" someone shouted from behind.




"...Yep." Knell said walking off.

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