they've got different smiles.

did you know that?

most people don't.

i'm not sure why i do,

not sure why i was able to

distinguish him from her.

because in the eyes of their friends

and family, too,

they're one and the same.

their the scapegoat

the ones around for a laugh

and, i don't know why,

i can suddenly see they're more than that.

she's the artist

with gentle hands and a fire smile

he's the musician

with loudloud laugh and thoughts of flying.

people say

here come the Elbor siblings.

are the Elbor kids home?

did you hear about the Elbors…?

but she's sam and he's lucas and i know,

i know too well

that they don't want to be known that way.

they want to be known for their

gentle hands and loudloud laugh

and fire smile and thoughts of flying

and they want to be known as

her and him

instead of each other.