The wonders of the world

Are held in your eyes,

In your hands

The key to my heart.

That which took millenniums to force

Because nobody desired entrance

To my heart

To see, my soul.

But you stayed

Through all the pain

You stayed by me

When I hurt you

I felt torn inside

But you stayed with me,

What kept you,


More than once

I was afraid

I feared to lose you

I feared you would walk


And never again return.

But yet, you remain

You've attemped

To flee

Yet somehow you never left

Not completely

You would return


The closer I got

The harder you would push

Me away

And yet even that

Made us closer


What does your heart say

That I cannot hear?

When your soul lifts

Into the heavens

And begins to sing

Do you listen?

Do you hear my name?

It can be a clear day

Or one full of a sad rain


Your presence stirs something

Inside me.

A happiness,

No other can conjure.

Is this the Entity,

Called Love?

Could it be true?

Have I, indeed

Fallen for you?

Whatever the case

That may be

I cannot leave you

I could never

To begin with.

And I don't desire

To do so.

I hope that you may

Feel the same

If not now

Then one day

But it's okay if not.

Then I will let your beauty


And when finally

He arrives

I will sink

Into the shadows

So you may still

Burn bright.

Whether it be me,

Or another.

You remain first in my heart

Your happiness is above all else

For me

Always, and forever.

Regardless of what happens


And later then

Just remember

I am here

And I love you.