A/N: So this was a little drabble I wrote when I was in 8th grade. Middle School was a really, really hard time for me. Kids are cruel, especially middle school kids. I have several drabbles I wrote during this time period; I'm going to publish them all on here because I'd hate to lose them. I really liked them… maybe you will too.

On Hatred
Dedicated to Corey. Thanks for your counsel; it really helped.

Don't they know how much it hurts?
Have they ever been on the other side?
Or do they just feel bad about themselves?
Are they jealous of us?

We, the weaklings, who get walked all over.
Sometimes we feel enough anger to
Yell at a yeller, or bully a bully,
But mostly we're just scared and sad.

Perhaps we stir up trouble for ourselves,
Being different.
But this is a free country, and
Each person has a right to be
Whoever, Whatever they want to be.

Can't they feel the Hatred, the Anger, the Fear?
It stirs up a storm, and that storm opens up above us.
After all, when it rains, it pours.

Where is the Kindness, the Compassion, the Love?
Can they not feel it sweeping away?
Can't they feel the injuries they're giving
To their own hearts, their own souls?
They're not just hurting us, they're hurting themselves.

Don't they know?
Don't they realize?
Don't they feel?
I sure can feel it.

A/N: So that was the first of my drabbles. I originally called this 'The Horrible Disease of Hatred' but shortened it to 'On Hatred.' Just a quick little fun fact for you. Hope you enjoyed it. And remember when you're reviewing that it is horrible writing; I did write this in 8th grade. I wasn't a refined writer; it was just something I wrote to express my feelings.