A/N: Another little drabble from my Middle School days. There is a story behind this one. I had a horrible time in middle school; you have to understand. I was always the odd one, the one every one teased; the bookworm that always knew the answers in class and wore big ugly glasses and talked kind of funny-like. Everyone teased me. But I wasn't one of those people who took it lying down; I'd get up in your face about it and yell at you. Then I'd get in trouble with the teacher and cry about it. :( So I was sick and tired of this; getting in trouble when the others always started it, and my art teacher had this idea that we write a short little poem or story and then illustrate it, and she'd put it in a book. So I wrote this little drabble because I was just so angry and humiliated. I hoped the bullies would read it and feel bad, and stop bullying me. *scoffs* What can I say; I was a dreamer. So it got illustrated by me and put in a book, which I still have. :D Anyways, here it is.

Tell Me

I hear their raucous laughter,
It's ringing in my ears.
Why oh why,
Do they have to bring me to tears?
Every day it's always the same thing.
The joking, the poking, the prodding.

They know just how to needle me,
To get the reaction they want.
Whether it's to bring me to my knee,
Searching, scrambling, for the pencil that I drop.
While holding in my anger,
Turning on the spot.

And every night I cry myself to sleep,
Because they ruined the only place left,
For me to enjoy, and let out the things I hold inside.
And it's just not fair!
I cry to the world.

Is there anybody to hear me?
Will anybody care?
Who will be the one,
To pull me up and be there,
For me now and forever,
As I also do for them.
Tell me, Tell me,
Who will it be?

A/N: So yeah. Lots of teenage angst. What can I say, I was miserable in Middle School. Good thing I'm in High School now! I actually love high school. A lot of people think high school is worse than middle school, but I'll tell you that those people were the top in middle school and now they are just bemoaning the fact that they received what they gave all those years in middle school. …So anyways. Tell me what you think.