Once, they said to me

It was only a dream

The whisper I heard

But the man remained unseen.

They locked me up and said to

"Clear my head"

Yet he always came

And loved me instead.

He would say sweet things

And told me of his wings.

So I'd ask him quietly,

To take me away.

Patiently the shadow held my hand and replied

"One day"

Everyday by the window,

I waited for his voice.

And when he visited

I did nothing but rejoice.

The men in white, they said

"He's not coming tonight"

But I did not cry

For I knew they lied.

The pills could not stop me

From hoping, wishing.

And everyday that passed

Would no longer be my last.

"Do you believe in God?"

The figure asked me gently.

And I replied to the voice

"I believe in you".

I was discouraged when he left.

The treatments left me bereft.

But I prayed everyday,

He would return, to take me away.

Then I understood.

He wouldn't come for me,

I had to follow him.

So the men in white,

They did not see,

The piece of glass I held tenderly.

"Here I come"

I said full of want and hope.

And have you ever seen, my darling,

Such a beautiful color, as red as a rose?

And I felt my life drain,

The men in white were too late.

My burden flew to heaven,

Where the shadow voice would wait.