A/N: This was part of an English project I did in 8th grade. (Wow I did a lot of original writing in 8th grade.) I really, really like it, so I'm posting it. …I'm going to say right now: CHRISTIAN THEMES. If you don't like it, don't read it. Don't bother sending me some bull**** review about your religious views, I don't care. Of course, if you want to say something nice about how you are a Christian too and you like it, I don't mind. But don't review just to talk about you being another religion and how I should/shouldn't believe whatnot. I'm not changing my views.

ODE to the Lord

Oh my God, how you have saved me!
I love your marvelous ways,
And your strength of being.
You are always there,
Throughout my darkest days,
And you love me always and forever.
Your love is never ending,
And you have sent your Son,
For everybody and everything.
Oh, I will always love you,
My God, My Savior, My friend.
You are the King of Kinds, and the Lord of Lords,
And you were, you are, and will always be.

A/N: So that's it. Yes, very short. Still, it sums up my love and trust for my God in the simplest of terms. :D Keep believing, fellow Christians.