The Garden

As I paced through the winding garden path
Hand-in-hand with my only brother
I listened intently to what the chicks said
As they waited ever patiently for their mother.

I inhaled the bittersweet scent of pollen
Watched as insects fluttered gaily along
Witnessed each flowers' dew-filled blossom
I saw a cascading beauty in them all.

I felt at peace in that garden
As I sat under the evergreen mango tree
My brother's face was enlightened
To see the serentiy this place brought me.

Now, I return to our garden
In the stillness, I see the setting sun
But as I wheel around, this garden
Without my brother, is just sullen.

I miss the chirping of the long-gone birds
For even they can feel my grief
There was so much I wanted to ask, to learn
But his favourite flower, wilting, is all I see.

The moon appears, and I listen for crickets, but nay
I guess even this garden weeps without love
I look up, and lo, a shooting star, so I pray
That my brother watches over me from up above.

A/N: This poem was written for an English aural assessment in my second year at high school.