Darkness resides in us all.

Spring or fall,

Summer or winter.

It starts off as a splinter.

Small and benign,

And innocence can still shine.

But as we grow older,

It begins to corrupt the beholder.

We all have demons inside.

We all have secrets to hide.

We try to keep them at bay,

But they never truly go away.

Though it can be hard to admit,

You must never ignore it.

Even with the darkness inside,

Hope and love can still reside.

The darkness resides in all,

And it stands as a wall.

Hate and disdain are not wrong.

They are what make us strong.

They are an obstacle to overcome.

They stop us from becoming numb.

Evil is in man's nature,

It is an all too common behavior.

Yet it's not a common mold.

It only affects those who are cold;

Those who ignore their emotions.

You must accept the hate and disdain.

It is the only way to remain humane.