I lost seventeen pounds
in two weeks.
("She's lost so much weight,
but she eats. I don't understand.")

The walls are thin,
I can hear you
on the phone
to my doctors.

Silly David.
I can't help it.
When I puke
I can't stop.

This isn't who I
used to be.
I used to be happy and
now I'm turning into someone else.

I'm turning into the person
people say I was.
I'm losing the me
I remembered being.

It's not that I don't like this me,
I mean, the darkness has perks.
But seriously, when did I become
a suicidal demented bitch?

I puke, David.
I'm fucking sick, David.
I'm sorry David,
Love me, David.

This isn't who I wanted to be.
Key word: wanted.
This is who
I want to be now.

I want to be sick.
I want to never remember.
I'll tell you I'm cutting
to remember.

But silly silly David,
I'm cutting because it feels good.
I'm cutting because I'm demented.
I'm cutting because I used to.

Seventeen pounds
in two weeks.
Isn't that cool?
I'm a magician.

(and she was gone)