Author's Note

I'm still not sure whether this is a song or a poem. I made this when I couldn't sleep and I remembered about a poem that I've tried to make before, but lost it (I think I accidentally deleted it). I only took the "I promise tonight there won't even be a sky" (Because that's the only thing i remember) and made it into a completely different thing. I thought that for once, I should make something that rhymes, and here's the result! It may sound weird, but, well, let me know what you think guys :)

I was definitely listening to the song 'My Love' by Sia when I wrote this. So, that's probably why this poem sounds kind of desperate, but I love it nonetheless. For those who want to know what the meaning of this poem is and can't seem to figure it out even after you read it again and again, you can ask me! It's about something very personal, but if you want to know, I'll give you the simplest outline.

Your Lullaby

I love to gaze the stars
But they bring your aching tears
For the memories they bring to you
I'd hate them just for you

Like trees in winter
You lay and sleep. Prevent all to enter
Hide from all the pain
Pretend like there is no rain

I promise I'll try, kill the lights to die
I promise tonight there won't even be a sky

You lie; you're dead in your
Regrets. And I'll pull you to shore
You see; it's water to drink
Not water to drown and shrink

You fell and hit the ground
Broken; with desire to be found
I'll get a ladder and save you
stick your sole with glue

I promise I'll try, kill the lights to die
I promise tonight there won't even be a sky

Escape the past and never look back
See I'm next to you, not behind your back
When you're awake and your pain is lit
I'll sing this lullaby and put you to sleep