1 Man Alpha Chapter 3

Sapphire's POV

We starred at each other for what seemed like an eternity. I finally noticed both his eyes were a different color than the other. He seemed like the guy that can put up a fight and won't go down easy. He had some strong looking muscles and- 'WHY THE HECK AM I THINKING THIS?! HES BRAND NEW TO THIS SCHOOL AND IS A HUNK! HE'LL PROBABLY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND BY THE END OF TODAY!' I thought practically yelling in my head. I then came back to reality and saw him starring at me with a confused look. "Sorry about that." I said lowering my head trying to hide the wave of embarrassment coming over my face. "It's ok. Anyways the names Drake Jordan what's yours?" He said with a wall of confidence behind him. "Sapphire Jewels. So I'm guessing you just moved here from the fact that I've never seen you here before." Dang it! Why would I say something so cheesy?! "You guessed right. I just moved here from Washington D.C. Have you been here for a while?" He said. "Yeah for as long as I can remember. Why move to Magnolia? I mean this place is a backwater town that has a bunch of people who act like wolves to you if you don't act like them. I get so sick of this place!" I said in frustration. "Hey if it makes you feel any better I like you the way you are right now. I mean why let other people influence your own decisions when it ain't there business" This guy actually understands how I feel? "and they should keep off of your back because of it. I use to be treated the same way, everyone treated me different because of" He pointed to himself "how I looked. I didn't care what they said, I am my own person so I stay my own person that's what I think." He actually understood me! "Thank you. No one ever said that to me." I said looking at him with a smile. His face turned red after I said that. "You ok? You look a little red." He seemed to brighten at the comment. "Nah I'm good. Just got caught off guard that's all. I'm betting your parents would have said the same thing." He said with a smile. "No they wouldnt have." I said in a sour voice. His face dropped when I said that. I didn't care, any mention of my parents makes me want to vomit. The bell rang signaling for us to leave for next period. I got up and was about to walk away when something grabbed my hand. I looked to see who would touch me and it was Drake. "I'm sorry. I have the same kind of problems with my parents. Try having parents that have an arranged marriage set on you to a royal snob. Either way I'm sorry I will not bring up parents again." He said with something never shown to me. Kindness, a holy thing to me that I have wished for for ages. "Thank you. Here's my number if you need to know anything about about the school." I said getting my hand out of his and getting out a small piece of paper. I wrote down my number on it and gave it to him and quickly ran to my next class before he could say a word.

Drake's POV

'HOT DANG! I STINKING GOT HER NUMBER AND FOUND MY MATE! ALL I NEED TO DO NOW IS GET HER TO COME WITH ME BACK TO HOME AND IM SET!' I was practically howling for joy from what just happened. I got to my next class and to my surprise (not really) it read study hall on the chalkboard. And worst fact of all, the red head was in this class. 'Should I throw myself under the bus? No wait that wouldnt work, I need a semi!' I thought chuckling to myself. I sat down in a desk by the back. A moment later a big hulking guy came up to the desk looking like he was itching for a fight and I could smell his scent. 'Yup I'm in a town that has Lycans, oh great.' "What are you doing in my seat punk?!" He barked with both his top canines showing. "Just sat wherever dude I'll move if you like." I said trying to avoid a fight. He didn't budge. "Look i don't know who you think you are but this is my school! My rules! My desk! And certainly I didn't give any girl permission to give you there phone number! Besides that we-" I cut him off with a left uppercut to the face and threw my right cross into his cut pushing up making him fly a little ways and crash into some desks away from me. He was loosing consciousness so I quickly got out of my desk and walked to him and stood towering over him. "Look punk I don't care who you are! I wouldnt be mouthing off a girl that was kind to me, I stand up for people who arnt here! Now shut your dang pie hole and get in a DIFFERENT desk got it!" I said with an almost demonic voice. He passed out from fright so I just went back to my desk and started on a sketch. I could tell everyone had there eyes on me. After about an hour of sketching I mad a little sketch of what Sapphire would look like as a Lycan. To be honest she would be pretty beautiful. 'Dang I fell for her hard didn't I dad?' I chuckled at my thought. No matter what happens my dad will try something. I can always feel it in me to sense what he's about to do. The bell rang marking the end of the day.

I got home and got on a Helix jacket to go to the estate to check out this pack. I went out the door and was walking when I got a bad feeling. I shook it off and almost made it to the woods when a little group of Lycans came out of nowhere surrounding me. One was an alpha with gold fur and standing beside him was the red head. "Who are you?" I could hear the alpha say with a telepathic link. "That depends, WHO are you?" I said with a cheesy grin. "Don't get smart with me boy, now answer my question." He growled with teeth showing. "Drake Draganov Jordan at your service." I said letting loose. I grew into my wolf. They all came at me, teeth bared, claws out, and ready to bite. I quickly just shrugged them off and defeating them one by one until the red head and the alpha were left. "You can certainly fight boy. I see you'd make an excellent exception." He smiled as his words came out. "For what?" I asked curiously. "For my daughter of course!" Curiosity killed the cat. Except I'm not a cat.