Tea Leaf Musings

I'd like to dedicate this series to Naver, for inspiring and encouraging me to do this.


This is a short little introduction to a series where I just write about some thoughts, opinions and experiences I've got. So this is not really important to the series but I thought I'd explain what this is and why I'm doing it, this feels a little like an author's note which I never do. But oh well, it's too late to back out now. Possibly. Depending on how this goes. I was inspired by Naver's Secret Journal Entries and really liked what she was doing. She encouraged me to give it a go so here I am, giving it a go. The series is going to be me confiding my thoughts or opinions or sharing my experience on something and I'd like it if, whoever reads this, would be so kind as to help make this into a conversation, of sorts. I don't honestly know how this will pan out but I hope you'll be there with me to see it through. The title is a work in progress, not sure if I like it but it just came to me. So if you have a better title, I'd like to hear it. If you'd like me to talk about anything then please feel free to leave your suggestions.

Anyway, it was nice meeting you as always.

Let's catch up soon!