Tea Leaf Musings

Living In A Snow Globe.

When I was little I use to have a snow globe, it was so pretty and everytime I shook it I wondered what it'd be like to live inside one. I don't know why I wondered that, I just thought it might be a great place to be. But now I can't help but think how horrible that must be. Trapped inside and everyone looking in like a gold fish bowl, what did I see in living like a goldfish inside a snow globe? Stuck in one place for the rest of eternity, no thanks. That's not what I want anyway.

But I guess in some ways we are living inside a giant snow globe. Think about it, we're trapped here on this earth – there's no backup planet yet. Also we do live in a goldfish bowl that people look in on; celebrities and royals especially. I mean with all the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, people feel the need to tell the world exactly what they're doing every second of the day in 150 characters or less, sometimes I feel we don't allow ourselves that privacy and are left exposed like being in a snow globe because you can't really hide in something like that. But what do you think; can we really keep things to ourselves anymore? And as I look outside the window, it's snowed. Instead of shaking to get snow to fall, like in a snow globe, we wait for winter and the promise of a white Christmas or in my case January and February. Perhaps, we'd be better off living inside a snow globe so it can provide us the safety that sometimes we don't find in the real world.

What I wouldn't give to touch the stars,

Not to have the pain kissed away by white lips,

Be able to see what the world truly looks like behind the glass.