I strode down the street with confidence. Today was the day! A new shipment of bleeders was coming to the arena later tonight. I heard that Sleazy Jack lost a few of his men to the finale. The city roads have been transformed into people's homes and personal crappers. I avoided stepping in anything that looked suspicious because of my new Converse. They were rainbow striped and the onlypair left in that store. I lifted them on last weeks raid. It was chaos, people running through the mall frantically looking for anything they'd want. I ran straight to the best teen stores and got some new jeans and graphic tees.

I pushed open the arena's double-doors and walked into the seating. I took a seat in number 43 and cozied myself. Crazy M and his partner Elise were practicing for tonight's show. A bleeder was "chasing" after Elise and she dramatically fell to the ground. The bleeder was almost all bone. Leftover from last night's show. The bleeder was wearing no clothes, but there wasn't much to see. It growled and snapped with the mangled mass of flesh on its head. She covered her face letting out a fake whail just as Crazy M cracked open the bleeder's head with a broom. Yes, a broom. This thing was in the most pitiful condition I've ever seen. It collapsed to the ground and Elise got up and wrapped her arms around Crazy M and gave him a big ol' smack on the lips.

Elise was the spitting image of a sex goddess. She was tall and curvy, blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She was wearing a short black mini skirt and a red bikini top and 6 inch heels. Crazy M is Manny's stage name. He got it because once during a show, Manny took on a 6' 8"-former wrestling-monster and came out with nothing but a shit-load more pride and raging testocerone. He was one of the more attractive members to our little speck on the map. He was Elise's height, muscular, and tan. He always had the sides of his head shaved and a thick red mohawk in the top. Two dragons were tatooed on the shaved parts of his head. The rest of him was tatooed too. I started to slowly clap my hands and they both looked up at seat 43, where sat me.

"What are you here for, Sweetheart?", she smiled at me.

"Just enjoying the show. And I'm not talking about Snappy down there.", I gestured and the dead bleeder. She kissed Crazy M on the nose and shooed me away. I groaned and stomped out of the arena. I pulled my hair into a pony-tail and buried myself deeper into my jacket. I walked around, bought a little bit of bread, and went to my place. My roommate Eddy was sprawled on the dirt floor with an empty can of "cherry soda" in his hand. I kicked him in the side and he woke with a yelp.

"Shit Maggie, what do you want?", he mumbled more to himself.

"I want your drunk ass out of out floor you moron!", I yelled a little and bent down next to him. I put my hand to his cheek and gently kissed his nose. He wreaked of alchohol, but I didn't care. He smiled a little and I got him under his arms and managed to get him up onto his bed. Eddy lost his whole family to the bleeders. I didn't have anyone so I didn't know how it felt. He survived until he found our speck on the map and settled reality of his life sunk in and he gave his life away to the bottle. Drowing out his sorrows with alchohol.

I got him to sit up and I wiggled him out of his sweater and shirt. He was burning up, so I took the blankets off his bed and folded them up. I next took off his boots and washed his face up a bit with my sleeve. I was getting up when he grabbed my wrist. Eddy looked up at me, "I'll quit. For you.". I sat there half crouched and nodded. Thats what you said last year ass-hole. I got free and walked back out into the street through our make-shift door.

The town works like this:

There is a total of 100 old buildings that Sleazy Jack and his friends rid of bleeders. Sleazy Jack and pals secured the 100 buildings and created Bleeders. Thats the 100 buildings may I clarify. He and his men set out and have since then created this heap. The 100 buildings are now full with his workplaces, stores, living spaces, etc. The town also has small tin houses outside lining the streets where the venders set up and the poor live. Thats me. Everyone that lives in the Rear-tin houses- have to either have a family to fill one house, or a roommate. You are assigned a roommate and house by I.O.U. He runs the Rear and can do whatever he wants with whatever is inside. Like me for instance. He could call me into his office and him and his pals could have some fun. A lot of fun, sleaze. Once assigned a living space, inside or out, you are assigned a job that you must work until seen fit.

The jobs include:

Venders-sell food and small items

Business men-run Sleazy Jack's whore-houses and other businesses

Prostitutes-usually the prettiest women that come to Bleeders

Dares-they are the idiots that are basically bleeder bait in the arena and do all the dumb shit like being locked in a cage with the Finale

And then there are the people like me who really don't give a damn and steal for a living

Now for THE ARENA. The Arena is a crack house where the over-active people go to see gore.

This "gore" includes the following:

Bleeder .vs. Bleeder: this is where two extremely aggressive bleeders rip each other to shreds

Bleeder .vs. Bystander: a person from the crowd get to beat the hell out of a restrained, feeble, bleeder

Bleeder .vs. Spy: this is a rare and very popular case with the crowd. If a spy from Fort Oxx is found, they are put into the ring with the finale. They have no weapons and are chained to the floor with just enough chain to avoid the finale for about 10 minutes. Then its bye-bye.

The Finale: this is my favorite. This is where the meanest, largest, and most violent bleeder is brought out. The finale only happens once a week. And they re-use the same bleeder for maybe 5 weeks. It just becomes worse in that time. Bone Crusader is the biggest and meanest guy in camp. Him and a couple other guys alternate with the fighting of the finale. It gets gruesome.

Theres a rumor that Sleazy Jack keeps a whole warehouse full of bleeders for upcoming shows. I proved that rumor correct when me and my now ex Jason were snooping around the place.

I headed back to my tin abode and found Eddy dumping all of his alchohol into a bucket. He was finishing up the last one when he saw me. He picked up the bucket, handed it to me, and motioned to the street. I nodded and dumped it out. He sat back down on his bed and put his head in his hands. I cautiously walked over and sat down beside him. He started to shake and I rubbed his bare back.

"Rain was crying for me, Maggie.", he started to cry. "She yelled for me. Her big brother, I couldn't protect her!". I felt my eyes well up, for fear of my friend. He gripped at his scalp and his body was wrecked with sobs. He looked up at me. His brown eyes red and swollen. His lips chapped. I knew what those lips were like. Innocent. He didn't deserve what happened to him and his family. Eddy was a very tall, very muscular, and very smart guy. He was everything every guy wanted to be. The best football player, smartest kid, nicest personality. But I hardly know that Eddy anymore. I know the drunk-off-his-ass Eddy, that cries for his family. Cries for no one but his family, never himself. Hating himself and no one else.I wrapped my arms around him and ran my hands along his toned arms. He cried and I comforted him.


I woke up with Eddy's arm draped over my hip and spooning with him. His light brown hair was draped across his face as I craned my neck to get a look at the peaceful Eddy. Eddy is very handsome, he has very soft features that would pull any girl to him. With full eyelashes and soft pink lips. I turned myself around and stared at his closed eyes. They traveled down his face until they rested on his lips. I touched my index finger to those lips. Those soft lips that could kiss away any problem. I stood up and pulled on some sweat pants and a black, PISS OFF, hoodie. I slipped on a pair of Sperrys and walked out into the frozen night. I could hear the shouts from the arena, so I went to the arena, bought a ticket, and sat in my designated row.

The makeup of the arena is a small warehouse with a big caged in area in the middle. The caged area has loops coming out of the floor for people and bleeders to be chained. The area where people can sit goes outward instead of up like a football stadium. Then there is a big open space where people can get right up to the fence and scream in and shake the fenceing. I threw my ticket aside and shoved my way to the front. The act that we are on now is Bleeder .vs. Bystander. Some punk-rock chick was taking a baseball bat to some tiny bleeder. Its brains were all over the arena and on her face. Once she was done she was carted away by guys to get cleaned up to prevent infection.

The intercom came over and Crazy M strolled into the center of the arena followed by a topless Elise. She was pressed against Crazy M, holding his arm."Ladies and Gentlemen! I am pround to present to you... THE FINALE!", they hurried off the stage and a bleeder that was 6' 8" like I said, came out. It was in the nude, and had everything to show. The crowd went crazy! I started to yell, and people threw scraps of spoiled meat at the thing. It got down and gorged itself with the rotted stuff. "And now for the finale's opponent... A SPY! I think.", the crowd went wild at the mention of the spy and laughed at Crazy M's uncertainty and indifference. I felt like pissing my pants I was laughing so hard. "Oh, and did I mention hes good looking. And if he survives the show withouta bite, he'll be on sale after the show.", now there was screaming. People were up on the fence, shaking it as a VERY large guy was brought out with a black sack on his head. The finale was being restrained at the moment, growling and dripping bloody goo from it's mouth.

The bagged figure was about the same height as the finale, but not as muscular. Still large and as mean as hell looking though. "We're gonna mix things up tonight folks. There will be no chains involved tonight-", the crowd booed. "Calm down. Calm down. But heres the twist. The Fort Oxx spy shall have his hands tied around his back!", the crowd liked this. Free to move around, but making it difficult to fight back. He looked like he was gonna win still, so I began to pick-pocket around the whole crowd as the show started. When I got to about $100 I quit and went to look in. The cloaked guy was ravenous. His whole body was covered in a blackish fluid and he had the ropes off. From what I could see, he was stunningly attractive. Sharp angular features that threatened you just by being there. He had blue eyes that were almost white, and short raven black hair. Military-style cut. The finale was limping towards the guy, his leg bent funny, chunks of his rotting flesh ripped off. The crowd was now silent. Watching in awe at how scray this guy was. In one quick movement the guy had the finale on the ground with his boot through the things head. It twitched for a moment then ceased. The guy ripped his foot out of the things head and shook off the excess brain matter. Some guys came out with a hose and sprayed the finale's blood off from a distance. Shit, this guy is crazy. I gotta have him. The guys with the hoses left and the guy was left in the middle of the ring dripping water everywhere.

Elise came out and yelled, "The bidding will start now!". The room was dead silent. She waited a few minutes and announced, "Come on guys, hes not really a Fort Oxx spy. We just found him about.". Still nothing. I guess no one wanted their throats ripped out in their sleep. If I didn't bid now, he would be killed behind stage. I rushed to the fence and shoved in $50. Elise bounded over, her breasts bouncing with each step. She got my money, motioned her hand, and the guy was brought back stage. I shoved my way out of the crowd. Getting stares that said, Is she crazy?, Does she want to die?, This bitch is whack. I went around the building to the back where I found Elise and the guy. He looked so pissed, I knew I might get shredded. But it just made my heart poind faster. Her huge boobs stood out in the night. She shoved the guy at me, "Jesus Maggie! You really shouldn't take him. He'll kill you and Eddy!". I smiled and nodded. Then I took the guy's shirt and led him around.

He didn't say or try anything. I guess he knew he'd be screwed if he did. I went to a stall that sold drinks and I ordered two teas. My mug was handed to me and I wrpped my frozen fingers around the warm liquid. "Every time I get this I feel like I'm gonna be drinking piss.", I laughed and he just stared at the mug. I uncomfortably pushed it towards him. He turned his head away. Okay, silent type. I finished my tea and paid for the two. I walked home and stopped at my door. He looked at the door, then at me and I opened it up. Eddy was in his bed reading The Hobbit. I strode in and Eddy looked up. He smiled then noticed "Rocky".

Hope anyone that read this enjoyed it. Sorry for all the crudeness. I was trying to capture and image of a less civilized zombie-run future. Maggie is a personal favorite of mine. She is BA, and doesn't care about very many people. Well, hope you enjoyed, I'll be putting up a second chapter soon :) Bye!