Coming up with the name of the series was hard enough itself. The first name I came up with was, Deth be Told(yes that's the correct spelling). It was stupid, then I wanted to call it the same name as the power but then I thought, 'no, most of every book, show, or movies are named like that.' Then I decided to name it what it was really about (probably just contradicted what I just said). Before I start writing this, I want to tell you that I had made this up my sophomore year in high school (I am now a senior). I think I made this after I watched the movie The Fifth Element, then I had thought to myself; 'What is the fifth element? I had only thought that there was only four'. I knew that air, water, fire and earth are the elements that we knew of. Then I watched the anime Naruto and had found out that it was lighting. I don't even remember how I came up with this story. This story is not a rip off or impersonation of any anime/cartoon, it comes from my mind alone (when you start to read it. It will sound a whole like Avatar: The last Airbenderbut it is not. It may be similar BUT NOT THE SAME). I also have several other stories I had made up. Someday, hopefully, these will become anime. I will make these stories into manga's. I have the skills and I know the programs on what the manga artists have to draw them; it's just that I don't know how to use them. I do have sketch pads and I do use them- I already have three chapters of this series drawn out already. I am using my name in this because it is my story and no one else's. There is a lot to explain in this but it will be explained throughout the story itself. Now get ready for the awesome of adventure and action series called; The Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element


Space. It is a wasteland that no one knows about and is constantly expanding. People are constantly studying space and trying to understand how it works. It is also where I am now, heading toward an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. My body is covered in molten rock so I can protect myself from dying. I can create my oxygen supply to keep myself alive-even in space. But before I can get into details of how this came to be, first I must tell you how I got my power.

This story will be a long one. I can and will explain everything with a beginning middle, and end.

The year is 2010 and I had just started my sophomore year in high school. My name is Austin Lowery. I am- was just another human that had thought that he had no purpose in life. I had a dream like anyone else does. I have two brothers which they both are greedy. Harrison, the eldest, is a complete jackass. He is just plain greedy. He thinks everything is his and will be his. He is also my twin. I have a little brother; Hampton. All he does is play video games 24/7. He is also a football player and a freshmen at my school. I want to complete school then get a job and have children and finally die a joyful death. But then everything changed when I had made THAT stupid decision. My whole life had changed after that. What I didn't know was that that decision was the most important decision that changed the world.

It was like any other day. The sun was shining bright in the sky with no cloud in sight. My schools name is Neville High school; the best school ever. Third had just ended and I was sitting in my seat and packing my stuff getting ready to go. The seats in the classroom were full of students.

"Ms. Smith, I'll see you tomorrow?" A kid named Ashley said going to the door.

Before he reached the door, it was kicked opened and he was thrown back hitting a desk. Everyone looked up and was surprised at what happened. There at the door, a guy with a Mohawk haircut and bald were he had no hair. He was holding a gun in one hand and he had closed the door with the other.

"YOU ARE NOW ALL MY HOSTAGES! YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO OR YOU WILL DIE!" He yells as the students flip a table trying to shield themselves.

One student was still sitting in his seat and hadn't moved. He was even scared. He was just staring at the guy like nothing was wrong. That student was me; Austin Lowery. I stand up from my chair and just look at him.



"DO YOU WANT TO-!?" Before he can finish, I dash at him but his relaxes are greater than mine.

He had shot me. He had shot me in the head. Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'that that was a stupid move. What an idiot.' I was now lying on the ground motionless and my hearing is slowing fading away. I hear gunshots and screams coming from the room. I could not see anything but I could hear. I was mad at myself. I was thinking, 'GET UP! GET UP, THEY NEED YOU!' Another voice had entered my head and said, 'YOU CAN'T GET UP, YOU'RE DEAD! SHOT IN THE HEAD!' 'I need to get up and save them, I need to.' 'Well, then, just get up.' The next thing I knew I was standing up and yelling. It had startled the classroom. The guy's legs were shaking and he was afraid.

"W-what are you?"

I was standing up looking at him. I had felt a burning sensation on my arm. When I looked over my arm was ablaze. Fire had covered my whole arm. I started to shake my arm trying to get it off. The fire would not come off no matter how hard I shook. The guy now was firing at me with the last of his bullets. I don't even know how, but I had dodged every bullet he shot. I raised my hand and coming from the side was water from the drain outside. I had imagined the water to turn into ice cycles and that is what happened. There right by me were four ice cycles I had made. I was swung my fire arm at the guy and all four had made contact with his body. The first had hit his shoulder, making his body turn. The next one hit his stomach and he screams in pain. The third had hit his leg making him buckle. The last one hit his heart. He was thrown across the room hitting the wall.

"W-what i-is your n-name?" He asked with his dying breath.

"Austin…Austin Lowery."

"A-aus…" He was dead.

They yellowish fire on my arm has now died and I can see my arm again. What I had seen was that almost my entire arm had third degree burn. I screeched out in pain but I didn't care. I had saved my classmates. No one had died. They were happy that I had saved them but I had told them to keep what happened here a secret. What had happened there never left their lips. The police were surprised and couldn't explain how he was holes on his body. What they didn't know was that the ice had melted leaving no evidence of what was used. They had run me to the E.R. because of my burns. I lied that the guy had set me on fire and we had not known what motive he had to do so. It has been a week since the accident at my school. I rest in the E.R. waiting to go to school the next day.