Chapter 4

The unknown guy that had left the plane mysteriously had appeared in a building far from where he last was. There, sat at man in a chair at the top of the skyscraper watching the sunset. He had just got done watching the new and threw the remote at the flat screen TV, breaking it instantly.

"DAMN IT, WHO IS HE!?" He said as the guy walked in on him.

"I don't know. I've been using my power to look up his power but nothing comes up and, he looks like them! But he can't be…"

"Well make sure that he isn't and keep looking him up."

"I will do as you please, Master."

It has been about a month and a half since I came back from Seattle and had to get a haircut because my mom thought I had looked like a hippy. I had not told her of what happened but she was worried at what had happen to me when she saw the news. She would not let go of me when I had returned from Seattle. She was all teary-eyed and her make-up was messing up from when she was rubbing her eyes with a tissue. The school had forgotten about what I had done about five months ago. No one is really talking about; it's rarely brought up in class. The news was taking about how the Appellation Mountains were destroyed. No one really had a clue how it gotten that way but then one day the Appellation Mountains were completely back like it was never destroyed. The scientists, FBI, CIA, and every major industry were investigating on the subject. No evidence was ever found that anyone was there. After a week the investigation was closed and classified as an act of God had done it.

At a house, not far from where I lived, lived four people who no one knew about. They live there so that no one can bother them. Today was a special day; they will try to get me to join them. One boy gets up and he stretches.

"Well, todays the day we will get Austin." He says as he puts his arm over his head.

"What makes you so sure he will come with us?" Another boy asked as he sat on the couch.

"I will make him join, by force, if I have to." He said has his expression deepened.

"Come on, let's go then." One guy says as he leaps off the window.

"Alright, but some on has to guard the place."

"I will." A girl said coming from another room yawning.

"Alright then, let's go."

I am back at school. In my first period and I lie my head down on the desk and sleep. I am now in my inner world wanting to talk to Tsigetsu. He appears in front of and was healthy. There was no sign of the injury I had given him.

"Tsigetsu, I was wonder if you have anything you have to teach me." I asked him.

"Yes, but you can make anything up can think of. You have already made the sword I had made; I was really impressed how you copied it." He raised his hand and spread his fingers and a yellow stream had come and started forming a circle in his hand; it was yellow like his power. "This is called the Iron core."

"Why is it called that?"

"It is because this is a strong as the core of a sun. The power it gives off is powerful, with the right training; you can give it as much power you can."

I stand there surprised at what I had just heard. I look at the small yellow flaming circle that was in Tsigetsu's hand. Could such a small thing have such power?

"Well, are you going to do it?"

I hesitate and think for an answer.

"Yes." I say as I power up and the power is covering my whole body.

In the classroom I was in, people were paying no attention to me. I lie my head on my desk with no care in the world. A few minutes had passed and a shout was coming from outside. The shouting became more defined and a name was being shouted; my name. I awake at the sound of my name. Even though I was in my inner world, I could still hear in the real world; I make my way outside and I wanted to see who interrupted my training with Tsigetsu. When I got outside, I saw three figures in the sky, and had no words to say; they all looked like Tsigetsu! The windows are beginning to be filled with students and teachers to see what was outside. I had powered up and flew to where they were. I thought I was staring at a mirror the only thing different about them was that they were different colors. One was red and flaming like I am. The one next to him was brown and had cracks all around his body. He also was in flames and had the cracks were part of the fire. The third on was grey and he was not flaming; more like steaming and he became distorted when he moved. I rose my arm up and asked, "Who are you three?"

The one that was brown smiled and said, "We are like you. We came to get you to come with us."


"Because…" He started off and raising his finger at me, "Austin Lowery, you are the fifth element!"

"W-what? What is that?"

"Like I said 'we are like you.' We have elemental powers; I Ricky, I have the Earth element. This one…" He points to the guy next to him that was red. "Is Hank, he is the fire element. And this one is Tanner, he is the air element. We have one more but she back had our hideout; she is the water element."

"Hank, you are like me but you are red and fire; I'm yellow. Why am I not like you?"

"Because you are the fifth element: able to become all the elements. Right now, you are colorless; you don't have an element that you control yet."

"So, Austin, will you join us?" Ricky said breaking the silence.

"No, I'm not interested."

"It wasn't an yes or no question." He said as his expression deepened.

I stand there, frozen and afraid for the first time in my life. I won't let this get the better of me. I fly off in a direction as fast as I could. I looked back and see the three of them keeping up on me. Hank reaches out his power stretches and he grabs my leg. I look back at him and I make a rash decision to use the technique I was trying to learn. I reach my arm out and strings start to spin and forms the ball of fire. I throw it at him and dodged it. He turns around and yells, "RICKY!"


He raises both of hands and he forms a wall of rock. It had come in contact with it blew it up sending an enormous shock waves. Tanner disappears and reappears in front of me. He then punches me and sends me flying the other way and causing me to crash into the pathway that connects the main building to the annex. I am now on the ground feeling pain like no other. Both my right arm and left leg and some parts of my body are pierced with rebar and I am bleeding out. I can see that they are getting closer to me but I cannot move; I go unconscious.

I cannot move whatever I do. I can feel that my whole body is wet. I can feel that I am sitting down on a chair and my hands are tied to them. I open my eyes and I find myself in a tank of water. I start to struggle to get out but I cannot. What is strange to me is that I can breathe underwater and I don't even know how. My vision is blurry and I can see four figures outside the tank. A snap came out of no where and the water is not on my face anymore. I can see better now and on my wounds have string like substances and I feel no pain coming from them.

"He's awake." A girl voice says.

"W-where am I." I say as I try to regain my breath.

"You are at our hideout, Austin."

I am now out of the tank and sitting on their couch, not knowing what they will do.

"I was wondering Austin, where did you get that scar from?"

She was referring to the scar I have on my abdomen. I wasn't wearing a shirt when I was in tank but thank God I was wearing pants.

"Well, when I was little, I was about six and these three gangster people had almost killed me. I will remember like it was yesterday."

The year is 2006 and a little kid was minding his own business and who had walked to home from school; that kid is me. I come in an ally way for a shortcut to get to my house and out of nowhere; three people came out and jumped me. One- who I think is the boss- picks me up and slams me against the hard brick wall. He grabs a knife out of his pocket and stabs me. He starts at the right side of my bellybutton and slices up across my abdomen making my intestines come out. He then throws me on the ground and they all start kicking me.

"NO, STOP, I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" I yell at them and coughing blood out.

They don't care; all they want to do is have fun. They laugh at me as I cry and continually scream stop.

I cry and cry no matter how many times I cry out, they don't stop. I am not going to die I kept saying to myself. I open my eye and kept yelling stop.

"S-stop, p-please…I said STOOOOOOOP!"

I then see a yellow light and a huge energy bust comes out of my body making a huge circle and a line shoots up towards the sky. I then black out and awake in a hospital room my mom, asleep, holding my hand. The next morning the doctors had questioned me about what had happen but I can't remember anything after I yelled stop. The police had found me in the ally way and there was a circular crater covering the whole area; the circle had to be at least five feet and the line go all the way up to the sky. The width was about seven feet and they had said that they found no bodies or anyone around that area.

"And that's how I got the scar."

They just sit there on the couch, speechless.

"That beam of light." Ricky began, "That happens when you unlock your power, and will happen every time you master all the elements; it's a way your body memorizes the power."

"But what about when I had unlocked it when I was at school?"

"It was remaining dormant inside your body and when you needed it the most; it sprang out. And last thing; the reason on one found those bodies was because that had incinerated their bodies; you don't want to be next to one when that happens."

"First of all, how the hell did I get this power?"

"We don't even know. We think we got it from our parents but maybe your grandfather or parents may know."

I leave their house and head towards my grandfather's house. If he doesn't know then I'll ask my parents and if that fails, I'm stuck. I land in front of his out, power down and knock on his door. He opens the door and he stands tall with his eyes closed. He smiles at the sight of me.

"Oh, Austin, please come in." He moves a side to let me in.

The house is as old as he is. He built it himself. The smell was always the same; it smelled of tea. Out to my left I hear the tea-pot steaming on his stove and he goes to take it off. He had asked if I wanted some but I didn't want any; it's not why I came.

"So, Austin, what brings you here? I haven't seen you in a while."

"Well…" I try to think of the words I want to say to him. "The reason I came here is to get some answers, if knew any."

"Sure, ask anything."

I raised my arm and set it on fire. When he saw that, it was as if he saw a ghost. The expression on his face had gone from pink to white faster than a Ferrari going zero to sixty.

"N-no way…t-that's."

"What? What is it?"

"I thought it was no long around…I mean it can't be but it is."

"What is it?"

"That right there on your arm." He says as he points at the fire. "I- we had created it."

"WHAT? What do you mean?"

"Back when I was just a boy, I was a scientist; we were studying the elements to see what they were like. We had attempted to combine them but something went wrong and there was a big explosion that had spread this power all over the world and when the smoke and everything cleared up we had a big clean-up to do. And that clean up resulted in the great depression."

I was sitting in the chair with my jaw wide open at what I had just heard.

"Y-you mean to tell me that YOU created this and it cost THAT much to clean it up?" I said as I pointed at the fire on my arm.

"Yes and no. I wasn't the only person that had worked on the project. It was a whole team of people; more than twenty people. And out of those twenty; three had survived including me; so four."

"What? How did you survive the explosion?"

"There was an underground base that was built on top of it and we were down there. We would have died but the doors suddenly closed and locked on their own; we were trapped down there for about two weeks. Luckily, we had survived by the food and water that was down there."

"Did you hear about the plane hijacking?"

"Yes, why?"

I had told him everything that happened, about the time in my classroom, about everything that had happened on the airplane and everything on the way here.

"No way; they're back." He said as he covered his mouth.

"Who?" I asked with concern in my voice.

"The absorbers, our greatest enemy."