The year is June 21, 1781 I look at the battlefield that is made up of two hills with an area between them of about a 300 feet littered with withered plants from the brass artillery guns, covered in what looks like orange flowers remains, the sides seem virtually untouched by this battle. We are in a trench with our brass artillery firing at the red coats that are also in a trench. The carnivore animals waiting in the trees for the battle to end so they can eat the remains, the sun is in the middle of the sky, and most of the men are afraid to hear the order "Charge" because we are vastly out numbered about 20 to one. Here I am standing in a mud trench, I am wearing a patriot uniform which consist of a blue overcoat along with any clothing you have one under it but I have a white over coat so I was different that way everyone can identify me as a mercenary, I have a hood on my head, and I have two flint lock pistols in holsters on my sides and next to me a Pennsylvania rifle that is leaning on a mud trench wall.

"Well we need to take their general and they'll surrender," our Buffoon of a general says. The General is wearing a patriot uniform. Then a very hirsute wearing a patriot uniform walks next to the General.

"How about we send a couple of men around?" the very hirsute man says sarcastically. As he already knows what the answer is.

"No we must do the usual," says the General.

Then I pick up my Pennsylvania Rifle because I saw powder barrels being moved near the hostile artillery. I took aim and before I pulled the trigger

"What are you doing?" the General says.

Instead of answering I pull the trigger sending the flint down and it scrapes on the metal, this ignites the powder in the primer tray making a huge amount of smoke, then the rifle fires, another huge cloud of smoke came out the front end. About three seconds later the powder exploded killing the horse, some men, starting a fire that burned like gasoline and putting three of the red coats artillery out of commission.

"Nice shot" the general said.

"Maybe if you could train your man better than the novice level to fire at long range maybe they could do that too." I said to him with a haughty voice. Then the General gave me an annoyed look

Then a cannon round missed us by inches and I just stood there while the general and the hirsute man dived to the ground. Then the red coats started lining up in two by three rows, shoulder to shoulder. The Red Coats begin to walk this way. They stop when there are about 10 of these platoons on the right and 10 on the left with an area in the middle. They all set up with front row on their knees, middle row in a crouch, and the back standing up. The firing line fires in sync, from the front row to the back row, at us. I look at the money pouch on my side. I take it and put it in my boot. I also think about my next meal, maybe I will eat some sour pickles. Then I see another patriot acting very demure and no one else notices so I don't give her away.

"Charge" Yelled the General

So the patriots (Revolutionaries) started to climb out grabbing on to a mixture of mud and blood. Then I got out and I followed. The patriots started running. In mid run I slip and plummet down the hill on my feet, with a loaded rifle. I fire it and drop it. Then I run behind a rock and wait for the volley of lead balls to stop. So I leap out from behind cover and run full tilt at the firing line that are still reloading. The line behind goes to fire so I grab the nearest person and get behind him. The back line fires and it kills him. I grab his rifle and run the nearest guy through with it and fired it killing two people. The guy behind me tries to skewer me but I slide to the right only to find another trying to stab me. So I take the empty rifle and run it through middle guy and grab the rifle of the one next to me. Then I go for a palm strike but instead a small blade kicks out of my sleeve and stabs him in the eye. I keep charging with kill after kill. Then I realize that the patriots are following me. The enemy general charged at me while riding a horse with sword drawn. So I drew the pistols on my side, then double tapped him with two rounds that both impacted in his chest. The rounds knocked him off his horse. The rest of the red coats dropped their guns and gave up. Then I awoke to history class with a big puddle of drool under my face, with the teacher hitting my desk with a ruler.

"What are you doing?" The teacher askes.

Stein pg 1