I'm giving my mind
To consider this decision
I'm giving my heart
To long for you completely
I'm giving my arms
To hold you so close you'll never leave again
I'm giving my hurt
When I'm crying alone
I'm giving the joy
That I feel when we're together
I'm giving the rightness I feel
When you take me in your arms
I'm giving you the thoughts that no one's ever seen
I'm giving you the secret fear that I'll never be enough
I'm giving you my love
All my love
I'm crying as I write this, cause I know you'll never read this
All my love
All my trust
All my heart
(be careful with my heart)
(please don't break my trust)
(I need you to know my love)

You're you

Can't think of any other reason,

Except maybe that in the night, when I'm afraid, I think of you and I am brave
I'm a lion when you hold me, hoping you don't see my insufficiencies

Just one more stanza of this sort-of poem
I'm scared to say this, so I'm stalling by
Explaining the reasons for the reasons for this poem
Hey, look, a bird
I'm not gonna hide this time
I love you
Let the dark unending fall