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The Third Floor Bedroom

Zach' POV

Chapter 1

"I still don't know why we have to move!" I asked my mom. We were in the living room of our old Vancouver house in British Columbia, Canada. All of our possesions were packed up in boxes for the move.

"I told you love, we have to help out your grandfather. He's been going downhill since your grandmother died." replied my mom patiently with a heavy russian accent. She grew up in Russia with my grandparents until she met my dad and moved to Canada to become a home renovator.

"I don't understand why we have to move to Russia!" I persisted. I knew it was pointless. It was too late. We had already sold the house, pack all our things, my parents had even uite their jobs. Today was our last day in the city, and I could barely keep my eyes dry when I said goodbye to my lifelong friends.

It's all over, I thought. No more trips to the movies with my friends or walks on the warf with my twin sister Millie.

As if summoned by thoughts, Millie came swiftly into the room. Even though we were twins, we looked nothing alike. I had shaggy blonde hair with bright blue eyes. My mouth was crooked and my front tooth was chipped slightly from the time Millie beat me in a fight for the TV remote. Millie on the other hand, had straight, ink black hair with eyes so dark, they were almost black framed by thick, lushes lashes. We were like night and day. The only apperance we had in common was that we were both tall and lean and had slightly tanned skin.

"Well, I'm exited!" Millie stated, obviously overhearing our conversation. Ofcaurse Millie was exited. We had only gone to Russia one time before about three years earlier when we were eleven, to visit my grandfather. She had spent two days in Moscow going to museums and to the public market while I stayed at my grandfather's house, too uninterested to go with her.

"Well I'm glad to hear that!" my mother stated and walked briskly out of the empty room.

Millie turned to me, "Are you done packing yet?" she asked me. My mother, father and sister had started packing up our things about a week ago, but I was putting it off. I think it was like my own little protest to the move.

I looked out the living room's window at the July sunset and thought about how much I was going to miss this place. "No," I replied sulking "What about you?"

"I've been packed for three days!" she announced, proud of herself.

"Of course you have." I muttered to myself under my breath.

"I can help you if you want. You know how I like organizing things. Remember that time when I," she jumped into a story about her paking up something of her friends. I loved my sister. I was closer to her than anybody else, but my gosh she was wiered!

"Okay." I replied knowing that if she was going to help me, I wouldn't have to do anything.

When we walked into my second floor bedroom, Millie's jaw dropped. "You didn't even start!" she accused me, "We're leaving tomorrow!"

With a sigh she set to work and I followed her example. About twenty minutes of uncomfortable silence, Millie asked me, "Why are you so against us moving?" her voice was laced with concern.

I hesitated for a minute. "I-I just don't like change, you know that. Remember that time when we were eight and we moved out of our old house and into this one? You remember how moody I was, and we were just moving houses, not even out of the neighborhood!" I reminded her. I remembered that this situation was just like last time's, Millie was exited and I was not!

She looked at me through her black hair with eyes full of understanding. "I know, but things will be okay. Mom said her and dad already have solide jobs, a new place to fix up and we're already registered for school next year. I know that it will bedifferent, but it will be a good different." She smiled which automatically made me feel a little bit better.

"Besides," she said with a smile, "We can wear those big fluffy hats in the winter!" I smiled knowing she was refering to the trooper hats you see Russians wear in the movies.

In about four hours, we had packed all my belongings in 30 big boxes. Every picture, book and movie were already for the move. When we had finally finished at ten thirty, we sat down for super.

"Now, I want you two to eat up quickly and then go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow!" my mother commanded exitedly.

Millie and I practically inhaled the food that was set inront of us, suddenly hungry from all the packing we had done.

When we were done eating, we talked upstairs to our bedrooms. Before I went into mine,now empty and sad, Millie caught my shoulder and with a caring smile, she promised me, "Everything will be okay, don't worry." and disappeared into her bedroom across the hall.

Turning back to my door, I muttered to myself, "I hope you're right Millie, I hope you're right."


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