Chapter 3

Zach's point of view

This is a joke right? That was my first thought when I saw the house. No, not a house, more like the mini-castle! My parents gave Millie and I a photo a while back showing what the place would look like, but me being in denial and all that, didn't look at it.

The 'house' was a run-down piece of junk! I had no idea why my parents would ever want to buy it.

"Welcome to our new home!" my father said cheerfully as we exited the van that had taken us from the airport.

I looked skeptically at the building, with it's ugly white paint chipping off, the doo practically off it's hinges. It looked like the kind of rundown house my parents loved to renovate. No doubt, by the end of the summer they would have it up for rent.

"Come on! Let's go inside!" my mother said exitedly as she ushered us inside the abandoned building.

The layout of the building was very old. It had cherry wood spiral staircase that went to the top floor. When you're on the inside, the building looked even bigger. What was strange was that there were no windows at all.

"What's that?" Millie asked, pointing to a small locked, metal door.

"That's the door down into the basement. No need to go down there dear, I'm sure it's full of cobweds." my mother answered briskly with a supressed shiver. My sister looked unsatisfied with her answer but kept her mouth shut.

As we walked slowly up the winding staircase, I counted the floors. There were three. Another strangle thing, there was no graffiti on the inside walls. There was on the outside but not the inside, even though there was no lock on the front door to keep people out. All the walls were a bright shade of white paint with nothing on it's walls. This place was getting weirder and weirder by the second. When we finally got to the third floor, the one we were going to live in, my father pulled out an old metal key, like the ones you se in the movies with the cool designs on the top. The design was a big circle with a smaller circle inside of it with a thin triangle running through them.

He put the key in the lock and the door opened, squeaking a little. As I entered our new living space, my mouth fell open. It was so, so clean! How could this place be clean? It's been vacant for like, half a century! You would think atleast that there'd be some water damage or dust on the windows; but ne, the place looked as if it had just been cleaned, and even smelled lightly of lavender. Creepy.

"Wow!" Millie exclaimed, clearly as shocked as I was. "Why is ti so clean?"

"Maybe some town folk started cleaning up for us." mom guessed, "Now, allow us to give you guys the grand tour!"

My mom lead us through the hardwood floor hallway into a big open space. "This will be the living room," she announced proudly. "Then we will install a marble counter and some stainless steel appliances for the kitchen." she said pointing to the otherside of the big room, "and our dining room will be over here." she pointed to a smallish section next to the kitchen. "The bathroom is already built oaky, but we're going to open it up a little bit, and that's located at the end of the hallway." she finished with a smile pointing to the end of the hall where a small white door was located that must have been the bathroom. "You two can decide who gets what room."

Millie and I raced back towards the entrance where the rooms were located. I was about to open the white door that looked like it led to a bigger room, when Millie Pounced on my back and tackled me to the ground then got up and darted the rest of the way into the bigger room.

"This is my room! I call it!" Millie claimed with a smug grin on her face.

"Fine!" I could have stayed and fought for it, but to be quite truthful, Millie probably would have won and I didn't feel like loosing a wresling match to my twin sister today.

As I entered the other room, right beside Millie's, the scent of lavender got stronger. Unlike every other room in the house, which were unfurnished, this room had a small framed bed which was tightly made with white bedding. On the opposite wall, there was a small bowl that would have held water to wash your face in and above that, a mirror hung. The thing that suprised my most was that this room had a window, it wasn't boarded up and painted over.

Since it was late, we didn't unpack, we just took out a mattress and a blanket. I just slept on the bed already in my room.

It took me a long time to fall asleep. Part of it was because I was sleeping on a creepy bed in a creepy house, another part was that there were weird noises coming through the window. I tried to closeit, but I couldn't. It was as if it had been nailed open or something.

Eventuallu, sleep overcame me and I started to dream of the girl with green and brown eyes.


That's it for now :D