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People always say they do stupid things for the right reason, for truth or for love, or something like that. Yet really they did it out of their own volition, their own will, and no matter what reason you think you did it it was still just a stupid mistake. Things might not work out as they plan and as soon as they begin to go wrong the story changes. When things go well, your in charge and everything is perfect and smooth and it is because of you. Then things become dysfunctional and everything that ever went wrong is now someone else's fault, you are never the one to blame, you were just trying to save the relationship, or it was a misunderstanding on HIS part, never yours._

The funniest part is when somebody hears that they know it's true, but they would never in a million years admit it. that's just how life goes, you know everything is wrong and you acknowledge it, but you will never accept it and never admit it. That's one of the sad things about our society we all just walk around like there's nothing wrong in our lives or about our way of thinking. Day in and day out we lie to ourselves, just for the purpose of making yourself feel better. We all think that if nothings wrong then everything must be happy and merry and that we're not doing anything wrong, thus we have no reason to change.

Then when something does go wrong you think you have to change everything in stead of just moving on with your life. Witch makes the whole procces of change that much more difficult. Then we blame the people close to us for our own mistakes that happen as we under go this change, witch pushes your friends, witch yet makes change more difficult. In the end we always end up making things more difficult then the situation that made the change start in the first place. Then when you try to break the mold and change your life into something that redifines your idea to how live and how to deal with pain. Then when you find a new sense of pain, and a new idea of how you can change things.

The cycle continues on and on and on. Never ending, the cycle itself has destroyed so many lives, and who knows how many it will destroy in the future. We're all now being defined by this cycle as a race, and it's making a bad name for human's in general. Peple just live with it ayway! I know my words will reach people everywhere yet basicly no one will react. Witch I believe this is sad. Yet sometimes in this change, we find our true selves and true goals. Witch is why sometimes it is useful to have pain or far or true loss trigger the change. For it may be the only time when you really find yourself and when your true colors shine through. when ever we find ourselves faced with fear, pain or loss our true colors shine through.