A man in chains, merely livestock
stripped of his life, emotions taboo.

Shrouded in a sheet, nothing more than cattle.

his life forfeit, a horse destined to be glue.

Destiny was his savior, a stranger in the night
a purchaser, a dentist, a man with a proper flair.
this pale skinned dental worker, but in truth..
a purpose only to rescue this chained man in despair.

A smooth transaction, if not for his captors.
arrogance only makes way to lead
a horse and man, dropped to the ground as if fleas.
another man in anguish but another missing a head.

An unsavory transaction by the worker of teeth.

An unshackling of chains, emotions overflow.

Whisked away in the night by his savoir in white
once tarnished, born anew, his nameā€¦ Django.