Chapter One: Discussion

I am so upset. The most handsome boy has just announced that he didn't like me even as friends. I went home crying. Saffron was waiting on my doorstep. "Why are you upset, Queenie?" she said. Saffron is my best friend and always wants to help me. "Um..." I said. I didn't want to tell her what happend. "It's that boy isn't it? Sebastian..." Saffron muttered. "No." I lied. "It is." responded Saffron. "NO IT ISN'T!" I yell furiously. "I know it is!" Saffron shouts. "No need to shout!" I yell. Me and Saffron go into my house. The heating was broken and none of the lights work, but it was home. We go into my room. I pick up a china doll and threw it against a picture of Sebastian. The doll smashed into tiny pieces and the picture of Sebastian fell to the floor. I flumped down into my inflatable chair. "You can't stay mad at him forever!" Saffron yells. "Sure I can" I reply. "I'm not going to school tomorrow!" I shout.