And the last two. I'm not quite sure of the last one. The words would feel right one minute, and the next they didn't. And I want answer to that question. I want to write something like that, but I want to understand the concept of happiness

more. So anyway, read on and enjoy!

50 Themes (Theme 9 - Love)

It was my first day of freshman year when I met him. I was opening my locker, his was next to mine. I swung it open and hit him in the face. I blushed because he was good looking and I just made a fool of myself. I apologized, and for some reason we became friends.

In sophomore year we were the closest of friends. I knew everything about him, and he knew everything about me. It was also the year I got my first boyfriend.

Junior year I was single again, I've had my heart broken, lost some friends along the way. I was still trying to figure out my life. And he was still there, still my best friend. And he met her, and gotten his heart broken. I think it was then I realized I wanted to be more than friends.

Senior year, I was struggling to figure out what collage to go to, and who I was. We had gotten into a fight. We didn't talk. We didn't see much of each other anymore. And the year ended faster than I thought it would.

We had graduated and went off to collage, all the plans we made together forgotten.

After my first semester of college I went back home. He was there. Somehow we fixed things. It was hard, and we didn't mean to. But we did.

Now I'm finishing up my fourth year of college. And I have a ring on my finger, and so does he.

Our love lasted through everything life threw at us. Even when we were unaware that we loved one another, it lasted.

50 themes (Theme 10 - Happiness)

Can you define happiness? Is it the same in everyone?

For me it's laughing so hard I'm crying, or eating French fries, because I'm addicted to them. Sometimes it's when my crush smiles to me or talks to me. And sometimes I'm happy because there is nothing to be sad about. But mostly I feel happy when I'm with my friends and family, and were doing something stupid, or just watching a movie, and even sometimes just sitting in the same room, doing different things.

What is happiness to you?

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