"Arra of the Lake – Some origin"

The day left violently, the night fell dark
Concealed behind mist awaits that new dawn
And inside a grey silence far away

A hazy figure is formed
Motionless she's tearing herself apart from timeless places
Meadows where Arin, the protector of the dreams, walks
The wild shadows do not fade around her
Like dreams since the beginning of time
The waters lie still on her passing
As she's walking between red fallen leaves
On the surface of the ancient lake
The archer draws near leaving behind her ethereal footprints
With the wind blowing between her golden brown hair
Which is this girl looking back at me?
"Am I you?"
Fingers stretching
Looking for traces left behind
Scalding like tears of sorrow
It is this, the night of revenge
At the touch of the scorched glory of fire
And bitter are the goodbyes of her heart

Senneal of Aviddy

1. "Once upon a time…"

…for Irialn, the Lake
…from where the oldest of the ancient memories begin

…it is the Time before the Dark Woods turned Dark, when Lyra, the minor of the two moons, just begun to cover the dull, cloudy sky, the lost in time crown canopy and the transparent leaves of the faery-enchanted beech under the flickering light with her silver imperceptible mantle; reminding everyone of her Promise, while the wind blew freezing from the ancient ever-white mountains of North, granting the promise of the soft, first snow of Winter to the Night; when Arra, a kid with peculiar short hair, as if she cut them oddly by herself that very morning, opens her dark eyes to gaze upon the beautiful Irialn reflect the weak light of a few stars that single behind dark clouds of the sky, over the sub white tint given to the Silent Kingdom by the faithful Moon and the beloved Lyra.

Thankfully everyone seemed preoccupied with other troubles that day and it seemed as if none had paid any attention to the curious change of her hair. Her second achievement today of course didn't go as unnoticed as she'd like – quite the opposite; but Arra had so much fun that she didn't care at all. She had seen the world from the back of a Dragon! And she caused a ton of trouble by doing so! Mom overreacted, as usual; but it was a great day! Arra lets her eyelids shut overjoyed, she yawns deeply and a faint smile is formed on her tiny face as she begins to travel the elusive paths of Arin…