Mika: so it's school tomorrow, meaning my Diaries gunna get a lot more interresting! Wish me good luck Guys!

So…..Adrian is Gay…


I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to check Facebook, normally I don't cause I hate the endless pictures of girls with their boobs out. However, I felt like checking how peoples days have been. Turn it on and there's a picture of Adrian snogging his boyfriend…you'd think I would have known since I normal can tell straight away (I have a Gaydar in my brain) but not this time!

I feel so stupid. I know it's just a silly crush but I at least thought I had a chance…I could have had a chance if I wasn't so…female! But now I can set my sights for a different guy like…Johnny Deep or Orlando Bloom.

Oh yeah!

anyway, I should spend less time thinking about that and more on school tomorrow. Every Monday is like a parade, normally people change the way they look over the weekend so as soon as you go into the school it's like a show of the best looking. Me ? I'm not noticed. I think of myself as a wallflower. Not loved but not hated. And I guess in some ways it's better then been completely hated however a little recognition might be nice.

And then there's my GCSE test

I've been dreading it for 2 weeks! A whole day dedicated to testing you on chemistry! A ….whole…day! It's like the school is trying to ruin my life. Actually it is the worst school possible. Not for its grades but for the people in it. It's a Academy known for creating the smartest pupils (or the pupils that bribe them with money) if you get in you're set for college. However, the people in it are stuck up snobs with too much money on their debit cards.

Alice is a good example. Shes from some super rich family of doctors, however shes so stupid they had to bribe them. but, she still doesn't turn up for school, she ditches it for her gypsy boyfriend and gets illegal tattoos.

Then there's Ellie. Her mums a psychologist who, for some strange reason, feels the need to spoil her endlessly. Shes dating a 18 year old motorcyclist and is going to Hawaii with him next year.

You probably think I'm making it up…..oh no….it's all fact

That's why I hate my school. I try REALLY hard to get good grades but the others don't show up for class but somehow end up with good results. Suspicious. If it wasn't the best school in the area, I'd sue , my Mum tried really hard to get me in and when they accepted me she was really excited. Talking about how im gunna get a great job and be really smart. I guess if it makes her happy, I'll stay at the school until the end, get my GCSES over with then go off to college somewhere far away from the people.


Well, time to get ready for school tomorrow.

Wish me good luck Diary

Mika x x