Hey chapter is basically a explanation to why i haven't written much, please try to understand! - Mika

My Mum and her partner are getting a divorce

Basically as soon as my life is getting better they throw this at me.

It all started on Friday. I came home from school as usual and noticed my mum curled up in the corner chair. This normally means she doesn't want to talk so I avoided her, however, she started shouting at my brother for no apparent reason and going ballistic at me!. Then I happened to laugh at something on TV so she asks "what's so funny?" and i just brushed her away with a gesture to the TV, next thing I know shes going mental at me and shouting at the top of her voice that no one cares about her in this family. I stood shocked by the kitchen as she storms of upstairs.

I just thought it was one of her normal mood swings

The next day she enters my room and shouts at me some more just because I didn't say hello in a great tone (apparently), I asked her why she was be such a moody cow lately and she blurted out that they were getting a divorce. At first I just sat shocked as she ran back out my room but then she started to sob in her bedroom and I couldn't help but burst into tears.

I hate my Dad

I get Abused at School

And now my once stable family is getting ripped apart

It's even worse when I hear my little brother crying and telling them to stop fighting, it hurts to think that me and he could possibly be separated.

That's why I haven't been writing much….Sorry Diary

Mika x x x