Spider Princess

By: Krissie: Hello! Here's the 50 page novel I've been working on. I did draw some pictures for this, but as fictionpress's format doesn't do pictures, you guys won't see them until I post a pdf version on deviantart, but I need to finish coloring some of the pictures first. So it'll be a while. Until then, ENJOY!

Terms that were in Footnotes:

* Aranya is Catalan for "Spider". Here it means the name of a species of Demon.

Chapter 1: The Escape

The cries of the country were loud. The world seemed to be falling apart. No peace could be found anywhere. All were enraged. They held up their weapons. Spears, knives, swords, guns, common things you could find in any home. They were all aimed at their supposed enemy. The enemy, who in truth, wasn't an enemy at all. They only wanted to be friends with them. To get to know them and live together like one big happy family. But they wouldn't let them. It was like arguing who was a hexagon and who was an octagon. The feud was pointless, but no one could see it. No one even had a clue. They were fed lies on a rarely seen silver platter and they all accepted these lies to be fact even without seeing and/or analyzing the evidence.

The rivers, oh how they cried. Their beds were once clear and shining. Reflecting all that stared into them. Now, they're murky. Filling with the thick, dark red blood. The drying life's liquid clings to the trees and the ground. There is nowhere one could flee to escape the horror. They're falling like flies on both sides.

The cause of the war staring out her window. Tears streaming down her face. She had been out casted at the beginning of this aimless confrontation. Placing her hands on her stomach, she felt a little joy as she felt her unborn child kick. Soon the child would be born, but this war would continue to rage onward with no direction. The world was covered in so much blood. The only thing not stained by life's juices was the sky. Could she send her child there?

A great pain began to occur inside her several hours later. She did her best to be calm and collected, but slowly that was fading. The nursemaids did the best they could. It would take countless hours for it to be through. But with the battle outside, it seemed rather short. No doctor could they hope to find at this time, so they would be the doctors. After all, the doctor only had one job, it was the nurses who did all of the work. They could surely handle the small, simple task of a doctor. After several hours, they were all sure that a day and a half had passed by them in the room. A child cried, longing for warmth and comfort. The new mother, weary and tired, wanted to collapse, but stayed up to see her beautiful child. The nursemaids did their jobs and then handed her the cleaned child wrapped in cloth.

She looked down at her new child. She kissed its head and smiled. Its cries became quieter as it calmed down some. She then looked up at her doctors. She bowed her head in appreciation. "Thank you." She let out in a raspy whisper. "For everything." The nursemaids bowed back to her.

"It was our pleasure." They responded in unison.

"Now, I have another favor I would like to ask, if I may." She began, moving her long black hair out of her face so she could see better.

"Anything your majesty." The head nurse responded. "Ask away."

"I do not want my child to grow up in war. I would prefer if my babe never knew of it. So please, I beg you," Tears began to stream down her slender face. "Please, send one of your nurses out of this country. Give her my child. Tell her to treat the child like it was her own. Please, take my child away from all of this meaningless bloodshed."

The nurses understood in silent recognition. They each knew the young heir shouldn't be tainted by warfare and red water. But to send the heir so far away without any knowledge of its true heritage? Could they really do that for the child? They would have to. They each knew that soldiers were slowly approaching. To send a child away without notice would be tricky, but they each knew of secret passages. They could surely send the young heir and its mother to a safer place.

"We shall begin preparations to send the child and you, your majesty." The head nurse began.

"No." The mother stated. "I will stay behind. The soldiers are coming to get me. They know little of this child. Send my baby away. I will stay. Hand me a still born youth. They will know no better from my heart broken tears. I will do what is best for my people. I want this blood shed to end. I will stay to see to it. If I run, they would only follow. What kind of life is that for my child?"

The nurses nodded in unison and agreement. There was no talking her out of it. She had made up her mind. They would just have to make sure that no one noticed their deception. They would not allow them to kill the young child. They found a young nurse. She loved children and was very fairy like in nature. In fact, she was a fairy herself. In truth, she had large green eyes. Her ears were pointed slightly. She moved swiftly and gracefully. And although she was the race of the enemy, she was here to help her majesty. She saw through the things that made no sense. Her ability to sense the emotions and the intensions of others made her a wonderful candidate to care for the child. While she didn't possess a pair of wings, she was the size of an average petit woman. She was joyous and playful and brightened everyone's attitudes. Her hair was cut short and, thanks to her size, she could easily pass through the tunnels without being heard. She bowed to the mother of the child she would soon be the charge of.

"I will do my best, your royal highness." She bowed, her head hanging low.

"I'm sure you will." The queen nodded. Her brown eyes turning orange-ish with joy. Her child would be safe with her. She motioned for the young nurse to come forward. She gently placed the babe within her arms. "Take good care." She stated.

"I will. But, your majesty, I do have one request from you." She asked.

"What request is that?" She looked up at her in wonder.

"What is the child's name?" She asked with a kind smile. "Surely, you can not expect me to carry the child away without a name."

"A name?" The woman smiled. "I hadn't really thought of one." She pondered a moment. She grabbed a piece of paper and mumbled the name as she scribbled it down. "That is my child's name. But please, tell no one else that I've named her that. Now hurry, we must make preparations for those soldiers who inch ever closer. I do not want you or my baby here when they enter."

"I understand, your highness." The young nurse bows her head. "I wish you luck. Please take good care." With that, she turned with the child in tow and left.

She walked down the halls of the giant stone building. She then turned into one room. There was a secret passage in this room and it was very hard to find. It would be the prefect passage to flee through.

The room was a giant study. If she could find the right bookshelf, she could easily escape from this castle and the warring country as well. Many of the bookshelves were adorn with a slim layer of dust. She began walking close to the book cases. She found the passage last time she was here. She should be able to find it again.

"Are you looking for something?" A voice startled her. She turned halfway on her heels to see a young man holding a tall stack of books behind her. His hair was silvery colored. Albinos were a rare sight to see, here was especially rare. He scrutinized her with his reddish eyes. Something about them caused her green eyes to widen. He wasn't just an albino, but an Aranya too.

"Ummm…" She mumbled. "I'm just looking for a book." She replied nervously.

He tilted his head. He slowly placed the stack of books on a shelf. "Perhaps I can help you." He said coolly. He eyed the child in her arms. He looks up at her, his gaze questioning silently why such a young woman is carrying a freshly born child. Slowly connecting the pieces, he nods his head towards her.

"I'm sure I can find it on my own." She tells him. She can't afford to be followed. No one but the nurses are supposed to know of her escape.

"It is okay." He nods. "I have a feeling," He grabs her arm gently as he slowly leads her down the hall of book shelves, "That the book you are wanting is right here." He stops in front of a small shelf, a little bit taller than 6 feet. He releases her arm gently and turns to skim over the book titles. He places his hand calmly on an old, thin children's book. He pulls it off and opens it. There inside the book is a button. He presses it and the book shelf slowly moves over. It made a small creaking sound, but not so loud that those on the other side of the room could hear it. He slowly places the book back on the shelf. "I would hurry now, young miss." He states. "If you are to escape with that little girl, you must hurry."

She nods in agreement as she races towards the pathway. She turns slightly on her heels. "Thank you very much." She whispers.

"Hmm…" He smirks. "That's odd. I must be hallucinating. I think I hear the books talking to me."

She gave a small giggle as she walked quickly down the passage way. She needed to hurry if she hoped to get away in time. The soldiers were slowly approaching on the palace thanks to the other armed forces there, but she still had to hurry in case something happened that allowed them to advance quicker than expected. The child could not land into their bloody hand