You put me up above the clouds with you

You say I'm an angel too

But what you don't know

Is you're like the eagle and I'm like the crow

You try so hard to do the right thing

And I'm not saying I'm wrong

But I'm steeped in darkness

And only know sad songs

You're strong and proud

I'm a messenger of night

Strength isn't in my nature

And pride doesn't give me light

You think I just look like a crow

And inside maybe I'm like you

But of course you think that

And of course that's not true

You're an eagle

Looking down at me

Hoping it's a shadow, not darkness

That I allow to swallow me

I love you

Albeit with with a broken heart

Full of death and pain

And already torn apart

And I can't change

Because some things in this world are dark

You not one of them

You have a brighter spark

We'll always be connected

And you already know

You'll always be an Eagle

and I'll always be a crow