Ah, the egg method. What a fantastic concept, the egg method is.

Some call it the silent treatment when they first are explained the egg, but there's more to it. Certain people have a hard time with the silent treatment. But if the parents have been dealing with the silent treatment for a while and expect it may be a response to a big argument with their kid, it will not work. This method should be reserved for the biggest and the baddest fights of all. Not just a weekly blowup, this should only be used in the worst argument of all. And before the teenager moves out, it should be used no more than three times, with an appropriately long interval between them.

Ironically, the egg method's name is contradictory. The goal of the egg method is to not crack. And what do eggs do? They crack. Originally this idea was called the unbreakable or uncrackable egg, but it was just shortened to being an egg. However, eggs have shells, and the basis of this response to a fight with parents is to stay in the shell, and do not let it crack.

This depends on the relationship with the parents, because some kids have conversations with their parents every day, multiple times a day. Others have brief small talk, or will go a day with no speaking just because that's how their lifestyle is. The more contact the teen has usually with a parent, the better being an egg will work.

After the fight, make the decision to be an egg. Then, much like the silent treatment, it is imperative that there is zero talking to the parent for as long as possible. Which technically could be forever, but sometimes talking is necessary. Important questions that really require an answer should be responded to in the quietest of tones, in the shortest of possible answers. And if the question isn't that important, a shrug should always be the reply. Do not act mad, sad, annoyed, or any other emotion. Think, 'blank slate'. Completely indifferent and calm. Sometimes keeping up the silence is difficult, sometimes there may actually be a want to speak to the parents. A good way of holding back is simply avoiding being in the same room.

Eventually, the parents will experience a wave of emotions that can't be controlled, and they will really beg to talk, trying to corner their kid, almost forcing them to respond. It's hard to deal with someone who is an egg. It is a frustrating feeling, and the parents will most likely be angry. When this confrontation happens, avoid eye contact for as long as possible, try leaving the room, but right before leaving, make eye contact with them. A stare with zero feeling behind it is perfect. Almost a look that would be given to a stranger, like, 'who are you?'.

To get this to work, it needs to be kept up. For certain families, three days without contact will seem like years. And others, a week will be necessary. The parents need to feel like they can't take being ignored any longer, and then drag it out even more. After a couple of days, being an egg should get easier because it's a satisfying feeling for the egg. The realization that the fight is being won, and the desire to continue winning. At times it is hard to conceal the smirk. The satisfaction achieved from someone else's frustration and confusion seems a bit evil, but this isn't exactly a situation where being nice is needed.

When it is finally over, it is awesome. The knowing that for once, the kid had power over the parents, that they finally had control, is fantastic. A new feeling of empowerment is strong and quite frankly, being begged for forgiveness is evil fun. The good feeling is so addicting that sometimes kids want to do it after every fight with their parents, but this will ruin the beautiful effect of the egg method. It will lose its meaning and no longer give the parents the shock and frustration.

Use it sparingly, but be an egg. See how it works.